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I Exalt You, Lord

 I exalt you Lord.
 I lift up your name with my whole heart.
 I honor you with my first words every morning
 And until my last breath at night.
 You watch over me from on high.
 You keep me safe in times of trouble.
 You provide my every need.
 You bring me help when I am wear
 And strength when I am weak.
 I look to your word to guide m
 And I trust your Holy Spirit to show me which way to turn. 
 He keeps me safe from all harm.
 Thank you Lord for looking over me.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my family.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my grandchildren.
 Thank you Lord for abundant blessing a friends.
 May I continually lift your name on high
 And make my presence known to those around me.
 May I never be shy or bashful about my faith.
 I exalt you, Lord.