Our Salvation


Brightly shining
From the sky above
Down to earth below
Every day
The sun’s rays stream down
From so far away
To touch us all
To heat us all
To give us sight
The light reveals colors
In its prismatic glow
Radiating energy and warmth
Even when the clouds appear
Seemingly blocking it out
The warmth still comes
The light still comes
It cannot be quenched
It cannot be darkened
It cannot be stopped
From rising each day
At the appointed time
And setting the same
With brilliance
And majesty
It shines from the heavens
Through all the earth

So is God’s love
It always shines
Touching us all
With His mercy
And amazing grace
His love is pure and kind
Patient and not envious
His love always seeks our best
Always finds a way
Through every trial
Every test
Every temptation
His love
Never leaves us
Never forsakes us
Always shines its glory on us
Though He is King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
He still loves a sinner like me
He still loves me
When I lose my way
Nothing can separate me from His love
Not mountains or valleys
Not rivers or oceans
Not heaven or hell
Not forces of the spiritual realm
They have no power over His love
His love is always there

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