The Believers Life

At the Time Appointed

Every morning
Day after day
The sun rises slowly
Casting it’s light
Whether cloudy or clear
We see it approaching
The rays stretching far across the horizon
Creeping slowly across the sky
Until the brilliant light
Peaks above the horizon
At the time appointed

Twice a day
Day after day
The tide rushes in
Farther up the sand
Or higher against the rocks
Footprints disappear
Sand castles fall
Reaching its peak it than recedes
Leaving seaweed and shells
And a smooth sand
At the time appointed

The moon travels
Day after day
Across the sky
Various shapes fill our eyes
Crescent moon then half
Half then full
Then back the other way
Affecting oceans by its pull
Causing the tide to rise and fall
The suns light causes the moons shape
Over and over again
At the time appointed

We all will face God
We all will give account
We all will answer for this life
Jesus is the Way
The Truth
The Life
No man comes to the Father but by Him
Have you accepted Him
So that you will be with Him
At the time appointed

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