Our Salvation


That happy birthday song
Rings on and on and on
As it seems I get new greetings
All night long

Then the next day comes
And there are more than one
Who bring belated cheers
Before it’s done

I know that I don’t always
Remember people’s birthdays
But thanks for good old Facebook
I can delay

When choosing your life’s options, though
You’d better choose while here below
For their is no belated way to go

For once this life has come and gone
Christ Jesus will wait on the throne
To judge the choice you made within your soul

There is no second chance you see
No purgatory made for me
My choice was made while here upon this earth

I chose Jesus Christ as Lord
He carries with Him His reward
My choice will give me life eternally

I urge you choose Jesus
I beg you choose Jesus
He’s the only way through heaven’s gate
It is time choose Jesus
Don’t be late choose Jesus
Choose Him now before it is too late



In response to the daily prompt Belated

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