Hold Me Fast

I’m holding onto Jesus

And He’s holding onto me

And I’m never going to let Him go

Because I know He’ll always

Bring out the best in me

And I know He’ll always love me so


Sometimes I can get lazy

My path can go astray

I find myself a long way from His side

But every time I wander

He helps me find my way

And He’s still there with arms held open wide


Sometimes my faith can waiver

And my fear can rise up strong

And the doubt inside can cause me some alarm

But every time I stumble

He comes right to my aid

And gathers me into His loving arms


But when I am the strongest

And my faith is waxing strong

There’s nothing like His presence in my life

I sing about His glory

I praise Him endlessly

And I worship Him for Hs great sacrifice


His promises are true

His love will never fail

His faith in me grows stronger every day

So I will hold on fast

To the love that He bestows

And He will hold me fast all the way

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