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It’s Christmas Day

 It’s a day of great excitement
 It’s a day of warmth and mirth
 It’s a day of friends and family
 It’s Christmas Day
 It’s a day to exchange presents
 It’s a day to have a feast
 It’s a day share an eggnog
 It’s Christmas Day
 It’s a day we all year long for
 It’s a day we hope for snow
 It’s a day of favorite music
 It’s Christmas Day
 But more than all these wonderful things
 More than almost anything
 It’s a day that we all celebrate
 The birthday of the King
 For Jesus came to earth this day
 In a lowly manger He did lay
 He came to take our sins away
 On this Christmas Day
 Let’s all make sure we celebrate
 The birthday of our Savior great
 Who came to die in our place
 On this Christmas Day