For Such A Time As This

When times are tough and life is hard God knows our deepest need
He finds a way to come to us when we are on our knees
Our prayers reach up to heaven and reach His waiting ears
Then He comes like lightning and settles all our fears

I may be in a battle, but God will break on through
I may be deep in trouble, but His word is always true
He’ll bring someone along in the times we least expect
A soothing voice to calm my heart when I simply cannot rest

Who knows if we are not here for such a times as this?
To fill a space inside our hearts that we had surely missed
I’m not sure what His plan is but I thank Him night and day
That we have found each other as we walked along the way

I know that God is with me and I know He cares for you
I know He guides my life to courses always true
I know That all He does will turn out for my good
So, it must be that that I was sent to be a friend to you

I do not know your story.  I do not know your pain
I only know that Jesus cares to lift you up again
He wants to bring you out of a dark and lonely place
So you will rise to new life with a smile on your face

Take joy that Jesus saw you and used a simple game
He heard your prayers in silence and answered in His way
Don’t worry for tomorrow.  Don’t fret for what’s to come
Just place your life in His hands.  The battle has been won

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