What A Blessing

 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 Each day you wake me and give me breath
 You make my eyes to open and see your glory
 The moon shining brightly in the night
 Smiling down at me
 The stars flickering so far away, yet so radiant
 Then comes the dawn
 The sun showing it’s light ever so slowly
 And so brilliantly, gilding the clouds with gold
 Spreading through the sky above
 You give the birds songs of praise to greet the morning
 And the day has begun
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You give me peace in the midst of my storms
 You adorn me with joy in the midst of my sorrows
 Your faith rises up in me when doubt comes in
 There is hope in just knowing you
 Hope that all will work out well in the toughest of time
 Hope that knows there is a better tomorrow
 Hope that carries me through each day
 Your love comes in like a flood
 Capturing me in its arms and holding me close
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You heal all my diseases and pains
 You set my troubled mind at ease
 You deliver me from all that can oppress me
 You forgive all my sins and transgressions
 You teach me through the word of life
 Your Holy Spirit guides me through this world
 And comforts me when I am troubled
 You give me living water that I might not thirst
 The bread of Life that I might never be hungry
 You provide all my needs and strengthen me for every battle
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you ae to me
 You brought me to a wife who would love me through good times and bad
 She helps me keep a level head and walk in your ways
 She is a wonderful mother to her children
 She is a woman of grace and mercy
 She laughs and brings joy to the whole house
 She makes things for her grandchildren to bless them
 She works hard to provide for our household
 She loves you with all her heart and serves you with all her soul
 She is fair and just in all her ways
 I love her with all that is within me
 And I know she loves me as well
 We enjoy being together
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You have given me a wonderful family to enjoy
 Friends that I can call on in times of trouble
 A church that is loving and kind
 A Pastor who is wise to help me learn your ways
 Work for my hands to keep busy 
 A home I can find comfort in
 A community that is always there for me
 So many things that bring me pleasure
 A life filled with joy and peace
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me

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