Bump In The Road

Please reblog this great educational piece from my daughter.

Traveling With My Bear

This last week I hit a bump in the road when my inverter to my solar system went out. See I travel in my van and I wanted to find a way to make it so I could virtually live off grid. The only way I could think to do this was to install solar panels on the top of my van that would power things like my fridge, fan, and electrical appliances. I ordered the solar panel kit which came with 4 – 100 watt panels, the solar wiring, and the charge controller. I then ordered a 12V deep cycle battery and the inverter separately. I researched how to install and got it all installed using 3M tape instead of drilling any holes. I did want to test it out so I traveled across Iowa for a few weeks to see what I needed to do. These are the…

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