You have promised in your word you’ll always be there
To hold me in your arms when I am down
You have promised that you never will forsake me
When I’m lost your grace I’ve found

You have promised that you’d heal all my diseases
You will take away the pain I feel inside
You have promised that your joy will overwhelm me
That your peace always abides

You have promised that I am a new creation
My old life passed away when I met you
You have promised you would guide my every movement
All my ways I give to you

You have promised you will break the chains that bind me
When I put my trust in you I am set free
You have promised I’ll be filled with your sweet Spirit
He will dwell inside of me

I will stand upon the promises you gave me
In your Word I will find the words you gave
I will trust you with my life and all my future
For I know that you’re the one who gave me grace

Sweeter than the honey from the comb
Purer than the water from the rain
Truer than whatever this world gives me
Your promises are mine to gain

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