Steer My Course Right

Where would I be if it were not for you, Lord
Taking my sins away
Life would be such w waste if I had not called out
For you to save me that day

I was drowning in sorrow and doubt filled my mind
My future was filled with despair
I know that I would have been dead by now
If you had not heard my prayer

Because on that day I finally saw
The mess I had made of my life
I had heard that If I would just cry out to you
You would steer my course right

It took all I had to search deep within
The sight of my soul was so bleak
I knew that I needed a miracle touch
Your cleansing I started to seek

I prayed on that day for you to some in
And forgive all of my sins
You not only did that but gave even more
As your grace filled my heart within

Now I can truly say you are my Lord
My Savior, my God and my friend
I’ll follow your path and welcome your plan
Until my very end

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