New Blog Coming Soon

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. Many of you know that I have been working on a book that is entitled The A.S.K. Principle. I blogged about this topic extensively a few months ago on my other blog site called God’s Maintenance Man. I am now going to bring it back on a separate blog. I’m doing this because the book is now in full swing and is at the editors at this time. The publisher that I’m working through also suggest that I blog about the book to enable everyone to be more informed.

I will be sharing with you thoughts behind the book, how the publishing is progressing and excerpts from the book. There will also be posts about prayer and answered prayers. I pray this will be a blessing to you and will build your faith as we go along.

I have no plan as to what days or how often I will be posting on this site. Most of the posts will probably be simple and not very long so I might update it more often. In any case I hope you will follow alonmn take a closer look at prayer and how it works in our lives.

I thank you for following this bloh.. it is a pleasure to be able to give you what God gives to me in poems. I only speak and write what He tells me to. So I can never tell you how long it will be between posts but the Psalmist blog will continue as is

Be blessed my friends

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