11 thoughts on “Before The Mountains Rose Video

    1. Pete Post author

      You’re so kind. My songs are in their infancy, and I have never looked at the expense of getting them to the next level. I have dozens recorded on my computer that I occasionally copy off to CD’s, but they are a capella. Hundreds more are all around my office.

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      1. Daily Thankful

        Your songs are stunning all by themselves (especially a cappella), because it is clear to me that the Lord has given you the ability to compose and arrange melodies, and write God-glorifying lyrics, too.

        I’ll pray that God shows you what, if anything, He has you to do with the songs that He’s given you. I believe that He is going to continue giving you melodies and lyrics, but only He knows what His purposes are for this gift.

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      2. Pete Post author

        Thank you. I know He will guide me, and His purpose will one day be revealed. Since I started writing in 2010, that has been my prayer. I appreciate your interest and your prayers and encouragement. We serve an awesome God!

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