I was free.  Free to live as I please
Free to live life with ease.  I was free.
I was free.  Free to do anything.
Free to lie and to drink. I was free.
No one showed me the way
No one planned out my day
No one cared if I wandered away
I just did want I wanted
And nothing could stop me
I just didn’t care. I was free.
But I had no peace deep down inside
Joy was a myth in my mixed up life
The littlest thing got me bent out of shape
And at times I did nothing but hate.
One day I looked hard in the mirror
And the one looking back at me
Looked tired and worn out and lonely
And certainly did not look free.
I heard a voice whisper so softly
That I’d heard as a child long ago
He said, Son I am here for the asking
Why not let me carry your load
I looked back into eyes that were darkened
And a tear ran right down my face
I remembered the story of Jesus
And the sacrifice He had made
I remembered the prayer they had taught me
Please forgive me of all of my sin
Come into my heart as the Lord of my life
And you’ll come and live deep within
I prayed out that prayer on the mirror
And when I was done I could see
That the freedom I once thought was mine
Was a bondage to sin and disease.
Because now I really felt freedom
Now I could feel His sweet peace
A joy bubbled up inside me
And I felt His sweet presence so deep
I am free.  Free from my sin and disease
Free to follow His lead. I am free.
I am free. Totally free indeed.
Free from a lonely defeat. I am free.
And I will follow His ways
All of my days
And give Him my praise
For His wonderful ways
Because His word says
I am free.


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