The Word Speaks

“Who are you Lord?” I asked Him one day

After turning my head and losing my way

I feel like I’ve wondered too far astray

And now I’m not sure who you are


I waited to hear His voice speak in my ear

To bring some sweet words of hope and good cheer

But the longer I waited to more that I feared

I had wandered off too far away


I walked through the house and I spotted His book

It was covered in dust and had been overlooked

I opened the pages and soon my heart shook

At the words that jumped out at my eyes


“I am the Lord of mercy and grace

I suffer long for those seeking my face

I forgive sins and put life in their place

Come to me just as you are”


I knew right there He was speaking to me

So once again I fell down on my knees

Saying Father forgive and sanctify me

And then He took me in His arms


My friends If you’re feeling the Lord’s out of reach

And you can’t hear His voice, or feel His sweet peace

Just look to His word and the Bible will speak

And give you the comfort you need

3 thoughts on “The Word Speaks

  1. Beautiful! I teared up on the part when Hr said cone as you are.

    It is humbling to remember that even in our lowest point He makes us welcome in all of His glory and splendor


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