Heed His Words

Sitting at the feet of Jesus
Just to hear His words
Stories that teach me his ways
So I can serve my Lord

Talents that were given freely to three servant men
Those that used them wisely were blessed in the end
God gives us all some talents that we have never earned
It’s up to us to use them for His glory in return

Seeds were widely scattered and some did not produce
But soil that was ready brought harvest of good fruit
We must plant the gospel seed wherever we may go
Some plant some water and some harvest not for us to know

A boy took future finance he squandered it away
When he returned repenting his father praised the day
No matter how far I may wander from my Lord today
He is there to take me back when I repent and pray

A debtor is forgiven a large debt by the king
When he did not forgive another he lost everything
The debt of sin was forgiven on the cross that day
I must forgive all who hurt me all along the way

A farmer finds a precious pearl in the field one day
He sells all that he has to buy that field right away
God’s precious word Is a pearl of wisdom and of life
I must be willing to give all to gain this glorious light

He tells me I’m the light of the world and not to let it hide
He tells me I’m the salt of the earth and not too let it die
I must let His light sine through me so other see it’s ways
I must preserve and season life for others who have strayed

Every story that He told
Has meaning for my life
I pray we all can heed His words
And share His great insight

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