Jericho Heart

This is a well written piece full of truth for all.

Following Him Beside Still Waters


Jericho Heart

Around my heart, I had built walls
I thought no one could get in
But just like Jericho’s, it falls
As the Lord comes to cleanse
Of all ungodliness and sin

Similar to this heart of mine
The city was finally relieved
Of all filth, uncleanliness, and grime
Except for Rahab, who believed
Everything else within had to leave

She feared the Almighty Lord
So she and her family were spared
Like the love for His Word
Is saved inside my soul with care
And it is protected in there


My soul is exposed now
My Savior can come inside
And my love can flow out
Now that my heart is open wide
It no longer feels that it has to hide

Besides giving Him access
Into my cityscape
It gave sin and sadness
A way to escape
As my heart is reshaped

As Joshua cursed that city,

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