Ode to America

Beautifully said by Susan Irene Fox. America is indeed a wonderful country, and she captures it well in this piece.

Susan Irene Fox


Between our Ocean coasts

are the most varied people

on the planet.

We are from every country

(whether or not we

chose to be here).

We are from every religion,

culture, color of skin

education level, economic class

and point of view.

We are like a family who

argues so passionately

spittle shoots out of our mouths.

Yet should anyone else insult us,

we defend each other

with all our might.

We love each other deeply,

but understand our frailties and our failures

even if we are loathe to admit them

to ourselves.

America is a country of

slow progress and

individual overcomers.

We take two steps forward

and one step back and

embrace new ideas with difficulty.

At the same time,

when push comes to shove,

we learn, we grow, and eventually

we move forward.

As we lean into hope,

into integrity, unity, grace and God,

we hold…

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