His Promises

If you’re holding onto promises this world would give to you
It won’t take long for you to realize
That fleeting are the words that this world might promise you
And your faith will falter all throughout your  life

But when the God of heaven gives his promises to you
You can trust they’ll never falter, never fail
His word is grounded in the fact that He can never lie
So sit back, relax, and know they’re all for you

His promises are timeless
His promises are true
His promises are written in his book just for you
So when the trials come storming
In your daily walk you’ll see
Every promise in the book is there for you


Hold on to the promises each and every day
Hold on to the word of life that guides you on your way
Hold on to the truth that what is written He will do
Hold on for every promise is His way of loving you

His promises are power
His promises are peace
His promises are healing
And joy His promise brings
His promise is deliverance
His promise sets you free
His promises erased your sins
When He died upon that tree
His promises will lift you up
His promises will stand
His promise will restore you faith

Remove your doubt and fear
So look up and praise His mighty name
For His promises are true
And hold on to His word of life

They’re written just for you

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