Don’t Just Remember

My Lord took me back to the Manger one day

I saw wise men and shepherds bowing to pray

Mary and Joseph were bowing their heads

Praising the newborn babe


Then He took me to John as in the ricer Jordan

And I heard him ask Jesus if he was the one

The Spirit descended on Jesus that day

And God acknowledged His Son


Then I saw the five thousand sit at His feet

And from fishes and bread He gave them to eat

Abundant leftovers were scattered around

As Jesus just sat and preached


I came to a cave that was shut up tight

And soon He called out for the dead to gain life

The people around were frozen in awe

As Jesus walked into the night


Then the worst of  all moments cane into my sight

As I witnessed His trial and He didn’t fight

He stood there and took the offenses they threw

And silently gave up His life


They led Him away to an old rugged cross

Then I watched Him die, oh what a loss

But He asked that forgiveness be given to all

Before paying the ultimate cost


In those moments I realized the sights that I’d seen

Had all been revealed to me so I would see

That remembering what He had done for me

Would never be really enough


FoFor the task that He h8ves to me every day

Is to witness that He is the Truth and the Way

That salvation fir all is a prayer away

If only I’ll help them believe.







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