Everything Yet Nothing

The skies are grayer
The ground is white
The roads are slick
The moon is bright
The air is frigid
My breath is slight
Winter has come to change everything

My faith is strong
My hope is sure
His love remains
It shall endure
His peace and joy
Fill every hour
Though winter comes nothing changes

In response to the daily prompt


As Winter Weather Comes

It’s that time of year again
Cooler weather on the way
Time to store the summer clothes
Get the flannel out to stay

It would be nice to hibernate
And skip the cold completely
But that would not be good for me
I’d live life too discretely

I want to be a witness
Of the Grace of Jesus Christ
He died to set me free from sin
And He’s given me new life

I will not let my light grow dim
Or hide it under a bushel
It will shine all the more you see
For lost souls are the issue

As the winter weather comes
So many will be searching
It’s time to make my writing count
For these words speak of mercy

In response to the last two daily prompts



When Life Seems Lost

In autumn we view many things
That make us marvel at our God
The brilliance of a lowering sun
The clouds produce a show of awe

This is a time of cooler days
When leaves in sunlight start to glow
Deciduous trees light up the air
Their yellows, reds and oranges show

Then these brilliant leaves do fall
Adorning all the earth and sod
The trees lay bare but still raise high
Their branches lifting praise to God

We’d learn a lot to take their cue
To lift our eyes when life seems lost
For even though the winter comes
Spring will soon be greeting us

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/06/your-daily-word-prompt-deciduous-October-6-2018/

Holy Spirit Fire

I put my jammies on
And jumped into my bed
My warm and comfy covers
We’re pulled o’er my head
The cold north wind was howling
As temperatures dipped low
The whisky clouds that blew on by
Seemed ready to drop snow

Winter I’m not ready for
The cold and ice can go
I’ll be housebound for months
Low immunity in tow
But I have a secret weapon
That can warm me right away
I cry out to my Savior
And start to lift my praise

I lift my praise
I lift it high
My song I sing to you
My Lord and Savior Jesus
I lift my voice to you
Send your Holy Spirit fire
To warm me in my soul
My worship will exalt your name
My God my King my Lord

I throw the covers off
I jump up from my bed
I dance across the room
My hands above my head
Rejoicing in the spirit
Filled with Holy fire
I open up my mouth to praise
I lift to Him my eyes

Lord of Lords
King of Kings
Hear my worship offering
Savior Healer
Blessed Redeemed
To you my praise now I sing

I lift my praise
I lift it high
My song I sing to you
My Lord and Savior Jesus
I lift my voice to you
Send your Holy Spirit fire
To warm me in my soul
My worship will exalt your name
My God my King my Lord

No Reason

There is no earth;y reason
To pack up for the season
If you love winter, there’s a place to go
The Northern Territory
Year round has winter’s glory
You can ski and sled in mountains of cold snow

There also is no reason
To be stuck in life’s dead pattern
If you haven’t come to know the Savior yet
Just ask Him to come in
He’ll forgive all your sin
Then in His arms you’ll be forever blessed

In response to the daily prompt Territory


I’m waiting for the sunrise
The air is filled with fog
I know the light will be delayed
But it  will come along

When all the fog burns off
And sunlight fills the sky
I’ll see the gorgeous frosted trees
As we go driving by

I love a winters frosting
It makes the day go right
To see the glistening branches
Reflecting the sunlight

I only hope that my life
Is a little like this day
That others see the love of Christ
Reflect in what I say

Not only in the words I speak
But in all that I may do
Lord please let my reflection
Always show that I love you