The Great Escape

I was floundering through life
Delirious at times
By night so many drinks
By day smoke dulled my mind
I thought that life was grand
Because my mind was dulled
I really was in trouble
Enslaved by what I loved

But then I found the Savior
My great deliverer
He came in like a squadron
Defeating all my fear
I found myself with new desires
My mind was thinking straight
His love had filled my heart
Before it was too late

Jesus, Mighty Jesus
Authority is His
Power and dominion
Is always His to give
When He came into my life
He taught me how to live
He provided me a great escape

Escape from all my fears
Escape from all my doubts
Escape from all my sorrows
Escape from satan’s shouts
Escape from sins dead snare
Escape from words of hate
Escape from thoughts of lust
Escape from dumb debates
He broke all of my chains
I now am walking free
He opened prison doors
He brought me victory

Now I can trust in Him
My mind is in His word
His Spirit speaks to me
His peace is my reward
There’s no misunderstanding
Of who is in control
I’m putty in His hands
A sheep within His fold

Jesus, Mighty Jesus
Authority is His
Power and dominion
Is always His to give
When He came into my life
He taught me how to live
He provided me the great escape


Your Grace Abounds

Through deepest valleys and darkest days
Through all my trials and through my pain
Through every storm and all my fears
Your grace abounds to me

Through days of sorrow and sleepless nights
Through shattered hopes and tears of plight
Through times alone when my peace is gone
Your grace abounds to me

Your grace abounds to me
It fills my every need
When troubles come
Your grace has won
Giving me victory

Your grace abounds to me
Open my eyes to see
In my despair
You are still there
Your grace abounds to me

Through every heartache and every tear
Through every putdown that I might hear
Through deep depression when I am down
Your grace abounds to me

And when my trials seem more than I can bear
I know your grace will always find me here
If I just keep a watchful eye
You’ll satisfy every time

Your grace abounds to me
It fills my every need
When troubles come
Your grace has won
Giving me victory

Your grace abounds to me
Open my eyes to see
In my despair
You are still there
Your grace abounds to me

Two Things

There’s only two things you must know
To be all you can be
Thing one is His great mercy
Thing two is grace that’s free

Mercy reached out to touch our lives
When Jesus came from above
Took the form of a baby
Because of His great love

Mercy was with Him every day
As He healed all that would come
Taught the ways of the Kingdom
Truly was God’s Son

Mercy then took Him to the cross
Where He bled and died for me
Mercy rose Him up from the grave
So I’d live eternally

The greatest show of mercy
The world has ever seen
Is something I must know deep down
Because it was done for me

Grace has supplied my every need
From the moment I was born
From the fresh air that I breath each day
To the sunrise every morn

Grace followed us as we grew in years
For it truly gave us life
Each trial that we faced has passed
And grace helped us survive

Grace gave the greatest gift of all
When we asked the Savior in
By grace are you saved through faith my friend
It is grace that makes you win

This grace that’s so amazing
Grace always blesses me
He gives it freely to us
Supplying ever need

When you are looking out ahead
At what your life may bring
Make sure that grace and mercy
Are the most important things


I used to be quite inglorious
In fact I was downright preposterous
My words were absurd
My way was obscured
I was never very harmonious

Then I found a way to righteousness
Because mine was surely a filthy mess
Jesus came to me
Then He set me free
Now by His grace my life has been blessed

Now I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious
Because that would be quite erroneous
His blessings will come
If you make Him number one
Then He would make you victorious

In response to the daily prompt

That Wand’ring Spirit

There are times that I get caught up in the battle
My enemies will come to taunt and shout
It seems my situation will defeat me
And all that taunting starts to grow my doubt

Then I hear a voice so gently come and whisper
It’s the voice of my dear Savior calling me
My son do not be troubled by the trial
It’s there to make you all that you can be

I let this trial come so you would trust me
No matter what the circumstances bring
If you will just determine to go through it
You’ll find that soon your soul will dance and sing

I’ll give you strength to hold up under pressure
I’ll give you hope to come and light the way
I’ll give you joy and peace to calm your spirit
And you will see the victory one day

I slowly heard the voice of doubt go weaker
The taunting want it’s evil way as well
The only voice I heard no was my Savior
Guiding me out of that wand’ring spell

The trouble quickly faded into nothing
As I determined I would trust His word
I knew that I had grown a little stronger
The next storm would not throw as much a curve

He gave me strength to hold up under pressure
He gave me hope to come and light the way
He gave me joy and peace to calm my spirit
I now I see the victory today

Sweet Victory

We were not born for heartache
We were not born for pain
We were not born for suffering
We were not born for shame

We were not born for trials
We were not born for doom
We were not born for sorrow
We were born to overcome

Through all our disappointments
Through all of life’s hard tests
There’s someone walking with us
Who always wants our best

Jesus is our Champion
Our mighty victor strong
When He lives within us
We sing His victory song

I’m an overcomer
Through Jesus precious blood
No matter what I’m facing
His mercy is enough

He’ll walk me through the valleys
He’ll guide me day and night
When life is at its darkest
He’ll lead me to the light

I was born for victory
I was born to win
I was born to overcome
This flesh that lives within

I was born for Jesus
As He was born for me
From now on I will walk
In His sweet victory.

Defeating Every Enemy

The gladiator stands his ground
Defeating all who come around
He roars a valiant vict’ry sound
The champion of all

The colosseum stands and cheers
The gladiator proudly hears
He pounds his chest and shows no fear
He stands both proud and tall

There was one man who came before
The gladiator took the floor
He came to open different doors
A meek and mild man

The crowd did cheer to have him die
They shouted out to crucify
The devil laughed an evil cry
And made his final stand

He struck the man with whips of stone
The bruises bashed right to the bone
A crown of thorns denounced his throne
He gave himself away

Up on a cross them hung him high
Nails in His hands and feet applied
A spear pierced through his fleshly thigh
He spoke that he forgave

They laid him in a borrowed tomb
The sealed it shut with stone of doom
The guards did watch all night of gloom
To ensure no escape

But when the stone did roll away
He rose again a victor great
The greatest champion was raised
From death He had escaped

Alive forevermore is He
Defeating every enemy
Providing grace and His mercy
To all who trust in Him

To all who would just call His name
Jesus will come and freedom claim
For you today, just give Him Praise
For in Him we all win

Only a Mask

He is so honest
He is so true
He is so righteous
He’s never blue
He is so loyal
Trustworthy too
He’s just as good as can be

This is a faceless man you see
Trying so hard to make them believe
All of the good things he can be
But all of it’s only a mask

Inside he’s hurting
Inside he’s worn
Inside he’s lusting
Inside he’s torn
Inside he’s wishing
He’d never been born
He’s really not what he seems

I know this guy because He was me
I was the guy who seemed so complete
I was just drifting away to sea
Wondering where I would land

Then I found Jesus
I found new life
Then I found mercy
God reconciled
Joy fills my days now
Peace is all mine
Born again only by grace


In response to the daily prompt Faceless

Praise Rises Up

I can feel a praise is rising up
When I think about what Jesus did for me
He captured victory
From the hand of sure defeat
His sacrifice became what set me free

The praise within me bubbles to the top
As the story has an ending full of hope
He was buried since He died
In three days from death He’d rise
He returned to heaven which I can now call home

Praise Rises Up
Within my Spirit man
My voice lifts high His name
As I praise the Lord again
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my Hallelujahs
To your name

I can’t contain the joy He brings
That’s why my mouth must shout and sing
He’s worthy of my praise
I’ll lift His name all day
An offering of praise I humbly bring

Praise Rises Up
When I think of what He did
He gave His life for me
In freedom I can live
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my hallelujahs
To your name

The wonderful name of Jesus
The matchless name of Jesus
The merciful name of Jesus
The precious name of Jesus
The delivering name of Jesus
The providing name of Jesus
The marvelous name of Jesus
No other name like His

Praise Rises Up
Within me every day
When I think about His love
And the price He had to pay
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my hallelujahs
To your name

Lord of All

If you will put your trust in Him
The one who saved you from your sin
The one who died upon that cross
Jesus, Lord of all

Then He will wipe away your tears
You’ll conquer doubt, you’ll conquer fear
Because His strength will pull you through
Jesus, Lord of all

There s no mystery to this
He conquered death so we could live
His Spirit lives within us now
Jesus, Lord of all

I will lift my voice n praise
To the one who my life saved
Gives me victory each day
Jesus, Lord of all




In response to the daily prompt Conquer