Forever Love

He loves us always
Yes it is true
Forever His love
Abides with you

Through sunshine and rain
His love abides
Through sorrow and pain
His love does not hide

When difficult times
Come in like a flood
His love will be there
Always enough

When i feel defeated
When my hope is gone
His love will hold me
And bring me along

When heartache has touched me
When life disappoints
His love will uplift me
His spirit anoints

There’s no situation
His love will not win
Forever His love
Is settled within

Set Fast

Wonder what tomorrow brings
Silent worry when birds sing
Troubled over everything
This used to be my way

I’m glad the days are gone and past
When I would worry to the last
My sights are now always set fast
On what God has in store

God says do not fret or stew
Over things that trouble you
He will always see you through
So put your trust in Him


In response to the daily prompt Fret

Only a Mask

He is so honest
He is so true
He is so righteous
He’s never blue
He is so loyal
Trustworthy too
He’s just as good as can be

This is a faceless man you see
Trying so hard to make them believe
All of the good things he can be
But all of it’s only a mask

Inside he’s hurting
Inside he’s worn
Inside he’s lusting
Inside he’s torn
Inside he’s wishing
He’d never been born
He’s really not what he seems

I know this guy because He was me
I was the guy who seemed so complete
I was just drifting away to sea
Wondering where I would land

Then I found Jesus
I found new life
Then I found mercy
God reconciled
Joy fills my days now
Peace is all mine
Born again only by grace


In response to the daily prompt Faceless

Release and Replace

Release all things that trouble you
They put you in a bind
Replace them with the Holy Fruit
The Spirit plants inside

Release the fear that follows you
Through every passing thought
Replace it with a lasting love
That only comes from God

Release the sorrow of past sins
That come back just to bother
Replace it with abundant joy
That’s given from your Father

Release the worry that you feel
When thinking of tomorrow
Replace it with the peace of God
That’s permanent not borrowed

Release frustration that demands
You shouldn’t have to wait
Replace it with longsuffering
To guide you through each day

Release the harshness of your tongue
That lashes out at friends
Replace it with His gentleness
Which speaks with good intent

Release the hurtful things you do
When someone does you wrong
Replace it with His goodness
Which makes others feel strong

Release the doubts that creep in
When things just don’t go right
Replace it with unfailing faith
That guides you to His Light

Release all things that make you want
More than you should have
Release the temperance that helps
Your lifestyle to behave

Release the insecurity you feel
When facing unbelief
Replace it with a meekness that
Speaks with authority

Release all things that trouble you
They put you in a bind
Replace them with the Holy Fruit
The Spirit plants inside

Missed His Grace

When I see all the chaos
In this crazy world of ours
I sit here and I wonder
How our time has been devoured

The preciousness of each new day
Seems best to have escaped
Before we know it sun has set
And we have missed His grace

His grace is with us every day
Each moment we’re alive
It gives us hope to carry om
It helps us to survive

But most times we just let it slip
Not giving grace a thought
We think we made it on our own
Through every battle fought

The truth is that His grace was there
When we were in a bind
He brought us out and lifted us
Out of the daily grind

But we just went our way again
Not giving grace a thought
While all the while it was right there
Our future grace has bought

The next time trouble comes your way
Lift up your eyes and see
That grace was there beside you
And grace has set you free

Master of Everything

I’ve wandered through darkness and trouble
I’ve lived through the good times and bad
So far I’ve survived
By keeping my eyes
On the one who died in my place

The road has not always been easy
At times I just want to give up
Then I realize
That it’s just my pride
That tells me I don’t have enough

He’s blessed me beyond good measure
He’s brought me through every trial
I just can’t escape
His mercy and grace
He’s been with me all the while

From now on when I’m in the battle
When it seems like there’s no way out
I’ll call out to Him
My Savior and friend
Then I’ll lift up my voice and shout

Glory to God in the highest
Praise to the King of Kings
Worship His name
Honor and praise
Master of everything

Trusting Jesus Oh How Sweet

It’s so hard to describe it
This peace down in my soul
Whenever trouble comes my way
His peace will take control
There is no doubt or worry
There is no fear or dread
He gives me blessed assurance
That vict’ry is ahead

Once you understand this peace
Then joy is next in line
When all of life seems out of sorts
Abundant joy is mine
He fills my heart with singing
That new song that I love
His joy does overtake me
For I know that He has won

Trusting Jesus oh how sweet
His Spirit is to me
Trusting Jesus all the way
Gives life abundantly

Peace and joy are settled in
Now hope comes crashing through
I know my troubles are but brief
As blessings are produced
There is no hesitation
To face whatever comes
This hope will help me forge ahead
For He has overcome

Trusting Jesus oh how sweet
His Spirit is to me
Trusting Jesus all the way
Gives life abundantly

I’m resting in His mercy
I’m trusting in His grace
No trial can defeat me
His truth I do embrace
His peace is always present
His joy does fill my heart
And hope will bring me through
If from Him I don’t depart

Trusting Jesus oh how sweet
His Spirit is to me
Trusting Jesus all the way
Gives life abundantly