A Touch From the Lord

When Thomas heard the story
That Jesus had appeared
Just three days after He had watched Him die
He turned in disappointment
He just would not believe
Unless he put his hand into Christ’s side

A few days later on
They gathered once again
With Thomas in the middle of them all
Jesus then came back
Thomas touched His wounds
He bowed and worshipped Jesus with them all

He had to touch Him
Needing assurance
Needing his faith lifted up
There’s nothing more soothing
Then knowing He’s with you
We all need a touch from the Lord

There are times that I’m worried
When doubt washes through me
I’m not sure how things will turn out
It is then when I reach out
My Lord is so near me
I just need to touch my Lord

With my hands lifted up
Or my head bowed in prayer
With His praise on my lips
When I don’t feel Him near
If I’ll just call His name
He will come to my side
Then I’ll reach out and touch Him
In peace I’ll abide

I need to touch Him
Needing assurance
Needing my faith lifted up
There’s nothing more soothing
Then knowing He’s with me
We all need a touch from the Lord

I Come To You

I come to you this morning Lord
With my heart open
My ears open
My eyes open
My mind open
Hoping to hear your voice
To sense your presence
To feel your touch

I cry out to you
With words of praise
With words of worship
With words of thanksgiving
With words of repentance
Hoping for your mercy
Hoping for your grace
Hoping for your compassion

I remember your promise
If I seek you first
That all things will be added
That I must put you above all
Then all things will be put under my feet

I stand on your word
As I seek you
As I cry out to you
You Are all I need
All I seek
All I long for
All I desire

I worship you this morning Lord
With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength
With all my mind
I lift my praise to your throne
Ad magnify your mighty name

Jesus, Emmanuel
Jesus, King of Kings
Jesus, Savior of my soul
Jesus, Lord of all

Completely Whole

I hear His midnight call to me
In His quiet gentle voice
Saying do not doubt these words of mine
Will cause you to rejoice

Healing will soon come to you
It’s slow but very sure
You’ll see improvement every day
Until you know your cured

There’s nothing that will keep you back
From this reality
I paid the price for healing
On the cross that fateful day

So walk in faith and lift your praise
And you will be made whole
Remember ten who I had touched
Just one gave thanks it’s told

And that one walked away brand new
No pain or scars remained
The other nine still bore their scars
From thanks they did refrain

But you my son have lifted praise
And thanks to me each day
So you will be completely whole
For you did trust my grace

With that His words were finished
And I broke down and wept
Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks
His praise I’d always kept

I knew He had the best for me
Of this there was no doubt
That is why in all our trials
It’s time to sing and shout

Sing His praise and shout with thanks
When hard imes hit your life
Sing hosanna worship Him
His healing comes in time

He hears your prayers and all your needs
He keeps His promises
Be the one who brings back thanks
Healing was soon his