Everything Yet Nothing

The skies are grayer
The ground is white
The roads are slick
The moon is bright
The air is frigid
My breath is slight
Winter has come to change everything

My faith is strong
My hope is sure
His love remains
It shall endure
His peace and joy
Fill every hour
Though winter comes nothing changes

In response to the daily prompt


Prints in the Snow

When I can’t sense your presence you’re still there
When I’m not sure you’re list’ning you hear my prayer
If the clouds fill the sky
Or the stars are shining bright
I know that you’re still there

When I can’t hear your voice you still speak
When I feel alone my heart you seek
If I hear the birds sing
Or this wind on the wing
I know that you’re talking to me

When I can’t feel your touch you are near
When I’m lost and in despair I’ll not fear
With the sunrise at morn
And the new day is born
I can know that my prayers you will hear

When I don’t understand you still know
When I can’t see your plan your love shows
Day by day you give grace
As I lift up my praise
Then my path is like prints in the snow

You’ll never leave me
Never forsake me
Never let me go
I can take rest
And know that I’m blessed
Because your love will always show

White as Snow

I’ve made a lot of messes in my day
I’ve spilled a lot of stuff
That caused some massive stains
Industrial strength cleaner
Was the only way
To clean up all the messes I have made

But there is one mess that I cannot touch
No cleaner in this world
Can cleanse this stain enough
It is the sin stain that is left
Upon my heart
Whenever I far away from God

However there is one way that I know
To take this sin stain out
And make it white as snow
The blood of Jesus Christ was shed
To cleanse my soul
He takes my sin stains out and makes me whole

Today if you are wallowing in sin
All you have to do is ask
And Jesus will forgive
Don’t let the sin stain in your life
Remain within
Give up your sin today and ask Him in

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/09/your-daily-word-prompt-industrial-september-9th-2018/

White as Snow

We used to build big snowmen
When young and full of fun
Our imaginations were on fire
We rolled the balls real big
And set them one by one
We always wanted to go so mush higher

Abominable was not our aim
With this massive man of snow
We hoped that it would be a work of art
We did all that we could
To make it look real good
Carrot, buttons, scarf and a top hat

If your really want that something
That defines unpleasantness
Something much worse than gruesome men of snow
Then simply turn your back
To the mercy Jesus shows
When life is over pain is all you’ll know

Right now it’s not too late
To avoid hell’s horrid fire
And a future so abominable
Just give your heart to Jesus
Ask forgiveness for your sins
He’ll make your heart as white as snow




In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/your-daily-word-prompt-Abominable-august-10th-2018/

The Promise

The weather is not spring-like in Iowa this year
Along with frigid temperatures of snow we’ve had our share
But I know better weather is just around the bend
For God has made a promise that seasons will not end

One other promise He has made is always true as well
When we put our trust in Jesus our future will go well
For heaven is the promise He gives to all the saved
So ask Him to forgive you invite Him in today


n response to the daily prompt Frigid

No Reason

There is no earth;y reason
To pack up for the season
If you love winter, there’s a place to go
The Northern Territory
Year round has winter’s glory
You can ski and sled in mountains of cold snow

There also is no reason
To be stuck in life’s dead pattern
If you haven’t come to know the Savior yet
Just ask Him to come in
He’ll forgive all your sin
Then in His arms you’ll be forever blessed

In response to the daily prompt Territory