My All, My Everything

Now I lay me down to sleep
I know my Lord is close to me
If I should wake before I die
I’ll lift my voice up to the sky

His praises will I lift so high
To waft up to where He resides
Upon the throne as King of Kings
He is my all, my everything

He is my joy when sorrow comes
He is my peace amid the storms
He is my refuge from all foes
He is my calm in midst of woes

He is my hope when hope seems gone
He is my strength when I’m not strong
He is my healer when my health fades
He is my guide to light my way

There’s so much more He is to me
His blessings fall abundantly
I will gladly shout and sing
He is my all, my everything

Now I must rest my weary head
I lay it down upon my bed
I’ll dream about my Lord and King
He is my all, my everything

Waking Me

Each day I wake to birds
Singing to the sunrise
Cheerfully they chirp
Loud and full of life

I see the morning sun
Color streams from it’s rays
Slowly rise above
Horizon far away

I’m so glad for those birds
Waking me from the deep
If I’d not heard their cry
I’d still be fast asleep




In response to the daily prompt Heard