Richer Than This World

This world sees abundance in so many things
Possessions are what we most crave
My God makes me richer than this world can know
In the wonderful things that He gave

Abundant in mercy that forgives my sin
Abundant in grace for the moment
Abundant in love everlasting and free
Jesus my all in all

Abundant in peace that calms every storm
Abundant in joy never ceasing
Abundant in hope that endures for all time
Jesus my all in all

Abundant in healing my body and soul
Abundant in faith through His word
Abundant in patience for me and my ways
Jesus my all in all

All these blessings and more are mine today
Because He gave His life on the cross
If you give your life to Jesus today
Your days will also be blessed

In response to the daily prompt

True Riches Galore

Cushy and warm
Safe from harm
All that they need or desire
Riches galore
Hundreds of doors
In the mansions they build to reside

Big toys and small
They have them all
Opulent beyond belief
But if came the day
It was taken away
How would they find their relief

This world would say
This is their day
We all knew one day it would come
But I would pray
That they’d find a way
To reach out to God one by one

He is the source
Of true riches galore
The kind this world cannot provide
Then when the tide
Cancels their ride
His treasures will last all their lives

Peace hope and love
Joy from above
Mercy and grace overflow
Forgiveness and rest
Comfort that’s best
IS all yours if to His cross you’ll go

In response to the daily prompt

Centered On Jesus

For some it is power and others seek fame
Some long for riches and many play games
Then there are those who make knowledge their aim
I’d rather seek after the Lord

Some find that drugs help them get through this life
Some use their strength to make others comply
Then there are those who can’t make up their mind
I’ll set me mind on the Lord

Centered on Jesus
Seeking His way
Knowing His truth
His words I obey
Mercy He gives me
Grace flows so free
I’m centered on Jesus
That’s where I will be

If you’re looking for me I’m not very far
Just find out where Jesus is I’ll be right there
Sitting beside Him and hearing His word
Learning His truth forevermore

Jesus has everything I’ll ever need
Jesus has wisdom to help me succeed
Jesus has promised that my life He’ll keep
My life is centered on Him

Centered on Jesus
Seeking His way
Knowing His truth
His words I obey
Mercy He gives me
Grace flows so free
I’m centered on Jesus
That’s where I will be

My Dream was Toast

I once was a full fledged hippie
My hair was scraggly and long
I usually didn’t look pretty
And my smell always seemed very strong

Back then I wrote a story
About a man who grew to be rich
By the time he was 25
Millions had come as he wished

This story became my dream
But my lifestyle was not even close
As I approached that golden age
I thought that my dream was toast

Then I met Jesus my Savior
And I gave my life to Him
Now the riches of heaven are all mine
And His promises fill me within

Maybe I don’t have the money
That the dream said I would have
But the riches of heaven far surpass
Anything else I could have asked.

In response top the daily prompt Dream

My Desire

This poem was written with inspiration from Scott’s blog this morning.  You can read it at  THIS ADDRESS

I used to desire riches
I thought they would satisfy
And though I gathered up many
My heart had a lonely cry

I used to desire pleasures
That took all my riches away
They made me feel good for a moment
Then pay for them dearly next day

I used to desire real power
So I could feel big and alive
But pride was what then resulted
I fell flat on my face and I cried

Then I learned of someone named Jesus
Who would fill the desires of my heart
I did not believe it was possible
But I needed a brand new start

I knelt down one day at the altar
I slowly looked up to the sky
Then I cried out to Him
Asking Him to come in
That day my life changed on the fly

My desire is now for just Jesus
He is all that I want or need
He fills me with love
His joy fills my cup
And to top it all off I have peace

If your soul is longing for more
And you never are satisfied
Just cry out to Him
Asking Him to come in
And you’ll suddenly feel alive

My Heart Sings

I’ve sought after riches, wealth and fame
I’ve done what I could  to bolster my name
I’ve traveled to places and then back again
I’ve lived a life full of good things

Then I looked at what I had come to possess
And I realized all this was meaningless
Because in the end, my life was a mess
The result of this life would sting

For I had neglected my soul in all this
I decided to give up the life I thought bliss
And give my life to the Saviors sweet kiss
He came and made my heart sing

If you’re in a circle of meaningless life
Why not come in to the Saviors sweet side
And in Him forever you can abide
Safely in love with the King




In response to the daily prompt Meaningless