I Come To You

I come to you this morning Lord
With my heart open
My ears open
My eyes open
My mind open
Hoping to hear your voice
To sense your presence
To feel your touch

I cry out to you
With words of praise
With words of worship
With words of thanksgiving
With words of repentance
Hoping for your mercy
Hoping for your grace
Hoping for your compassion

I remember your promise
If I seek you first
That all things will be added
That I must put you above all
Then all things will be put under my feet

I stand on your word
As I seek you
As I cry out to you
You Are all I need
All I seek
All I long for
All I desire

I worship you this morning Lord
With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength
With all my mind
I lift my praise to your throne
Ad magnify your mighty name

Jesus, Emmanuel
Jesus, King of Kings
Jesus, Savior of my soul
Jesus, Lord of all

Turn Your Heart Strings

For so many years I heard about Christ
And all he had done for me
Raised in the church every Sunday
Yet I slipped away late in my teens

For many years I wandered aimless
In denial of all I had learned
Until a good friend turned my heart strings
I accepted the Savior I’d spurned

Maybe today you deny Him
And all He has done by His grace
Accept Him today as your Savior
And one day you’ll see His face


In response to the daily promptĀ Denial

Pardon My Abuse

I walked the walk
And talked the talk
So many years ago
And people thought
That I had sought
The Lord in all I showed

But in actuality
I was not what I appeared
My interior was messy and confused
So I took time out to pray
And I got pride out of the way
And I asked the Lord to pardon my abuse

Now I quietly
Walk in humility
Knowing I can easily fall
I listen intent
I speak a lot less
And I silently wait for His call


In response to the daily promptĀ Interior