Every Day Counts

We’ve all been given so many years
So many tears will we shed
Our life on this earth
Begins with our birth
And lasts until this flesh is dead

After this flesh has expired
Eternity waits just ahead
How we’ve behaved
Determines our fate
Heaven’s joy or a hell we would dread

Every day counts
Every word relates
Every action has been written down
If you’ve gone amiss
Think hell does not exist
In hell’s fire you’ll eventually drown

There is only one way to escape
From the fury of hell that awaits
Trust Jesus today
He’s the only way
To make heaven you’re home that day

Down on your knees
Repent of your sin
Ask for forgiveness
Ask Jesus in
Into your heart
Confess Him as Lord
Believe He arose
And go sin no more

Every day counts
Every word relates
Every action has been written down
If you’ve gone amiss
But then you’ve confessed
Heaven’s doors will await with a crown

The Nature of our Soul

Some say that they will be fine in the end
That Jesus saved us all that fateful day
The sacrifice was made
On Him our sins were laid
And now we can go on our merry way

There’s an element of truth in what they say
Jesus did atone for all our sins that day
But still you must repent
Of a life that has been spent
With the sin stain of the past still in place

You see it’s not the sin that we all see
That is critical to rid from this body
It’s the nature of our soul
That keeps us from being whole
It’s been there since the beginning of all time

This natural sin is deep within your heart
And there is only one way it departs
Confess that you have sinned
Repent and ask Him in
Take a personal step to Jesus Christ our Lord

In response to the daily prompt

My Prayer

Lord please help me to find my way
My feet to often go astray
I need your guidance every day
While walking in this world

I find myself on the wrong path
I must abscond or face your wrath
Then I return to you at last
Looking to your word

Have your precious mercy flow to me
Make me all that you want me to be
Keep my eyes from sin that lurks within
So that I might walk with you again

I wander off so easily it seems
The enemy has evil schemes
But by your blood I’ve been redeemed
I once again can stand

Your strength not mine Oh Lord
Your will not mine Oh Lord
Your way not mine Oh Lord
This is my prayer
This is my prayer

Have your precious mercy flow to me
Make me all that you want me to be
Keep my eyes from sin that lurks within
So that I might walk with you again

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/your-daily-word-prompt-abscond-september-15th-2018/

Planning on Heaven

I’d always been planning on heaven
Ever since I was a lad
My church taught that we
Would go there for free
For Jesus had paid the tab

Then I learned there was one complication
That I had not learned before
If I don’t repent
My sins won’t relent
Jesus must be made my Lord

So I knelt down there in the church pew
I asked Jesus into my heart
He took away
My sin stains that day
He gave me a brand new start

In response to the daily prompt Complication


Long ago I had been trained by this world
My life was all out of sorts
I’d drifted and wandered so far off course
I’d fallen to my last resort

Back to the safety of God’s loving arms
Back to the peace He bestows
Back to the joy only He can give me
Back to a life filled with hope

He sought me out when I was so lost
He kept a vigil for me
When I finally stopped and turned around
His precious smile I did see

Now it is Jesus who fashions my life
He has repurposed me
I am His workmanship so all can see
His wonderful love for me

The Gift of Love

He’s given me life everlasting
And a joy this world cannot afford
But it’s only for me
When I bow on my knee
And make Him my Savior and Lord

Some think they are saved by their actions
That His grace covers them through their lives
His Word shows one way
That you can be saved
The blood that He shed must apply

It’s a gift of love that must be received
A gift of love that you must believe
A gift of love that covers your sins
You must ask the Savior to come live within

If you are not sure that heaven’s your home
If you have depended on your deeds alone
Repent of your sin
Give your life to Him
This gift of love then you will know

It’s a free gift and you must accept it
It’s there in the Saviors hands
Just humble yourself
And ask for His help
Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord

It’s a gift of love that must be received
A gift of love that you must believe
A gift of love that covers your sins
You must ask the Savior to come live within


In the morning I put in my contacts
When I look up they need to align
I take a quick wink
Then hurry a blink
And finally my focus arrives

My phone has a nice built in camera
That I use rather sparingly
My hand has a shake
Like a mild earthquake
The focus just won’t quite agree

There are times my mind wanders from reason
I just can’t seem to focus on God
I’ve succumbed to sin
Or I’ve struggled within
I have walked off the path of the Lord

When a finally realize what’s happened
I need to repent of my ways
Just bow my head down
Kneel in prayer on the ground
Asking God to forgive my disgrace

He is faithful and just to forgive me
He’ll restore me to His righteous side
His joy and His peace
Will put me at ease
As my focus in Him does abide

Is He Lord, or Just Savior?

This piece was inspired by my blog post today on the same subject from Psalm 132. You can view it at https://wordpress.com/post/petertgardner.wordpress.com/14536 if you like

We all can call Him Savior
For that is who He is
The stripes on His back saved us from sickness and disease
The thorns on His brow brought healing to our minds
The nails in His feet makes Him a lamp to light the way
The nails in His hands bring His peaceful touch
The blood dripping down His face redeemed us from our sin
The spear in His heart heals our broken hearts
And all this brings us joy
His resurrection brings us hope
And the guarantee of eternal life
All for just accepting that sacrifice on the cross
So many years ago
And accepting Him as our redeemer
Confessing our sins
Repenting and turning away
And following Him
Savior He is and always will be

But is He Lord
Do I follow His word
Do do as He asks
Do I give Him my liife
For that is what He requires
For entry to heaven
Or do I selectively do what He wants
And then what I want
Wallowing in between His truth
And mine.
This is lukewarmness
And the lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth
I don;t want to Be in that state
Is He Lord
Or is He just a puppet you call when you need Him
Is He Lord
Or is He just a gift giver to you
Is He Lord
Or is he just mercy and not truth
Is he Lord
Or is He just grace and not judgment

If He is not both Savior and Lord
You do Him a disservice
And yourself
And you may miss heaven
According to His own words
Make Him Lord today
Submit to His will
Follow His ways
Heed His words
Peace and Joy will seek you out
When He is Lord

I Come To You

I come to you this morning Lord
With my heart open
My ears open
My eyes open
My mind open
Hoping to hear your voice
To sense your presence
To feel your touch

I cry out to you
With words of praise
With words of worship
With words of thanksgiving
With words of repentance
Hoping for your mercy
Hoping for your grace
Hoping for your compassion

I remember your promise
If I seek you first
That all things will be added
That I must put you above all
Then all things will be put under my feet

I stand on your word
As I seek you
As I cry out to you
You Are all I need
All I seek
All I long for
All I desire

I worship you this morning Lord
With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength
With all my mind
I lift my praise to your throne
Ad magnify your mighty name

Jesus, Emmanuel
Jesus, King of Kings
Jesus, Savior of my soul
Jesus, Lord of all

Turn Your Heart Strings

For so many years I heard about Christ
And all he had done for me
Raised in the church every Sunday
Yet I slipped away late in my teens

For many years I wandered aimless
In denial of all I had learned
Until a good friend turned my heart strings
I accepted the Savior I’d spurned

Maybe today you deny Him
And all He has done by His grace
Accept Him today as your Savior
And one day you’ll see His face


In response to the daily prompt Denial