My Everything

Beautiful Savior

You are to me

Gave up your life

To set me free

I’ll be with you

For eternity

All because of your love


Wonderful counselor

You’re always there

To hear every heartache

And every prayer

Giving me counsel

Helping me hear

Wisdom that comes from above


Gracious redeemer

You give me hope

When I was lost

You made heaven my home

Took all my past

And washed it like snow

You have a plan for my life


Miraculous Healer

Of all my disease

Your blood was shed

To bring me your peace

Whether my body

Or mind is not eased

Your touch will calm ever fear


Marvelous friend

You’ll always be

Walking along

As you care for my needs

Often you carry me

When I am weak

You are my hero and Lord


Jesus, Oh Jesus

You’re my everything

Lord of all Lords

King of all Kings

From now and forever

Your praise I will sing

Since you came into my heart

Awake to the Fact

Rumor has it grace has won

There’s no longer need for repentance

I am here to say this is false

And hell is still the death sentence


Jesus told us more of Hell

Then heaven when He spoke

If He so strongly used those words

Isn’t it time we awoke


Awake to the fact that we still need to repent

Awake to the fact that we must confess

Awake to the fact that we must ask forgiveness

For all on which we have obsessed


Awake to the fact that we must ask

Christ Jesus into our heart

And we must make Him our Lord and King

And promise to never depart


And we must Awake to not sin again

But do all our best to be Holy

Live our life like our Lord Jesus  Christ

Then grace takes over the story.


So do not be fooled by the lies that exist

That all you need is His grace

You must step out in faith and do what He says

Then heaven will be your place






In response to the Daily Prompt False

Start With Praise

If you want to have
A great day
I suggest that you
Start with praise
God is worthy of
Every word you have to say
Maybe music is
What you need
To get out of bed
On your feet
Set your radio
So your heart awakes to beat
Because praise will
Lift your spirit
Worship will
calm your worries
Putting Him first
Will bring you peace
So put your
Whole heart in it
Don’t let your world
Or your duties
Crowd out the praise
That puts your mind at ease
Singing Hallelujahs
Glory to the King
Lord of Everything
Glory,  glory
Savior of the world
Glory, glory
Giver of the word
Holy, holy
Perfect sacrifice
Holy, holy
Died to give me life
Loud Hosannas
Rose again that day
Loud Hosannas
Gave us power to pray
So many ways to praise Him
So many things He’s done
So don’t forget to start each day


By singing of His love!

Journey Home

This world has been good to me

I’ve enjoyed friends and family

I have tried to live God’s plan for me

As I take this journey home


For I know this life is just a test

To see what I’ll do if I am blessed

Will I share with others or just rest

As I take this journey home


There is one choice I must make

If I want to always live by grace

I must accept the price He paid

When He died at Calvary


That one choice must be for Him

Because it tells my journey’s end

Well it be joy in Heaven’s realm

Or forever stay in hell






Written in response to the Daily Prompt Tourist

Awesome Grace

I can’t imagine

What God will do today

Every day is a new miracle

When I trust His way


Nobody ever knows

The blessings that will come

When I yield to His spirit

And trust in His love


Today might bring trials

That challenge my faith

Designed so I’ll run

To His awesome grace


Sickness may come

In the midst of the night

Will I trust on His healing?

To end my plight?


Friends might desert me

And ruin my name

It’s then I need Jesus

To weather the pain


Days are not always

Blessings and joy

There are times in the valley

When we need to grow


So God allows these things

To strengthen our faith

If we’ll only just trust

In His awesome grace

Love Inescapable

Hard times hit us all
Even happy people fell
Even we have days that cause us harm
But when we get real low
We know just where to go
Back to our Father’s loving arms
He holds His arms out wide
He’s ever at my side
He’s there to pick me up when I fall down
And if I bruise my soul
He heals me ’til I’m whole
And sets my feet on solid ground
He loves me
More than anything
He loves me
So amazing
He loves me
Even when my love grows cold
He loves me
Through my troubled days
He loves me
When I’ve lost my way
He loves me
I cannot escape His love
His grace will cover me
Whenever I’m in need
His blessings come in every size and shape
His mercy overflows
My selfish, prideful soul
And helps those things to quietly escape
His sweet perfection slides
Into this heart of mine
Without me even knowing it’s His hand
And then one day I see
His humility in me
And I realize that this is what He planned
He loves me
He fills me with joy
He loves me
His peace is employed
He loves me
More than I can ever know
He loves me
I will sing His prsise
He loves me
I’ll worship His sweet name
He loves me
I cannot escape His love



Today the Lord had mercy on me
He kept away the enemy
And reminded me that I’m set free
Today the Lord has blessed me much
All day I felt His spirits touch
His presence was around so much
Today His grace filled me with peace
He gave my soul a sweet release
All day I felt calm and at ease
Again and again He’s there for me
He always meets me at me need
He listens to my prayerful pleas
Again, and again, and again
Today He flooded me with love
As vast as all the stars above
And I can know that it will come
Again His mercy will be mine
Again His blessing He’ll assign
Again He’ll give me grace each time
But high above all these great things
The greatest gift that He does bring
Is His great love, of that I’ll sing


Again, and again and again

Your Mighty Name

I lift my praise to you

In all I say and do

I lift my arms to you

I long to worship you

For you alone are worthy of my praise


You give me breath each day

You tell he sun to raise

You put me on my feet

Your flowers smell so sweet

You keep me from the flood

You always fill my cup

You’ll never leave my side

From you I cannot hide


So I will worship you

In everything I do

I’ll give you all my praise

And lift your holy name

I will give my all

To glorify you Lord

You the only one

whom I will adore


You fill me with your peace

It sets my mind at ease

You flood me with your joy­­

It makes me want to soar

The hope you give to me

Just makes me want to breath

And your love tops it all

The greatest love of all


I praise you for the love

You give me from above

I don’t deserve your grace

You give it anyway

Your mercy flows so free

For all eternity

So I will always praise

Your mighty name

What a Universe!



Can you see the beauty of creation  all around you

Flowers blooming in the springtime

Leaves falling in the fall

Do you stop and look at stars up above you

Or the way the sun keeps time

Or the way the stars can fall?


Does it ever occur to you

That there’s an order to it all

That cannot be just circumstance

The course of nature’s due

To one celestial call

It is not a matter of just chance


So the next time someone says

A bang is what explains

The start of this great universe we love


I’d ask you to take days

To speak to them real plan

And tell them of our precious God above



Written in response to the Daily Prompt




I want to be closer.  Closer to your side

I want to be nearer.  Never let me hide

I want to be purer.  As I walk through life

I want to be yours.  In you I will abide


There is never a time you will leave my side

But I may wander away

When I do I can rest assured you abide

In my heart each and every day


You promised you’ll never leave or forsake me

Even if I should mess up

When I find myself far from where I should be

You come and fill my cup


When I cannot hide from the trials I face

I just want to walk away

But you come and guide me to a peaceful place

Where I can bow and pray


These are the reasons I trust in you

Every promise I know is true

You will be with me my whole life through

Jesus, my Lord