Entangled In You

I Him I live
He is my source
He provides all that I need
Strength in my weakness
Joy in my sorrow
Faith in my times of doubt
Peace in the storms
Truth when I worry
All of my fears He removes with His love
He is my source of life

In Him I move
He has the plan
That will bring me a glorious end
Answers to questions
Guidance each day
His Spirit leads me to the truth
Holding my hand
Carrying me
When the steps are too hard to take
I only move when He moves

I have my being
Only in Christ
Grace that’s Amazing
Mercy that’s free
He paid the price on the cross
Poured out His spirit
Setting me free
I owe Him my life for eternity
I only will be where He is

My glorious Savior
My wonderful Lord
My life is entangled in you
There’s no place on earth
That I’d rather be
Than safe in your loving arms

In you I live and move
And have my being
You are my Heavenly Father
All I desire
You have provided
Your child I will always be


I Need You, Lord

I need you, Lord

In the morning
When I awake
Before the sun comes up
I need you

You give me air to breath
You give the light for sight
You give the sounds of spring
As bird’s sing
I need you, Lord

I need you, Lord

I the midst of the day
When the world is all around
Trouble presents itself
Temptation lurks in corners
I need you

You light my path with your word
You remind me of your great love
You keep me safe in the storm
In your arms
I need you, Lord

I need you, Lord

At the end of the day
When sleep is knocking
My tired body needs rest
From all the day’s events
I need you

You calm my soul so I can sleep
You reassure me of your grace
You lay me down with your peace
And mercy
I need you, Lord

Not a moment goes by
A second or minute
That I do not need you, Lord
What a wonderful thing
To know you are near
Whenever I need you, Lord


I asked the Lord to bless me
He said I always do
I asked Him if He’d heal me
He said it’s done for you
I asked the Lord to give me peace
He said I left it long ago
I asked Him to fill me with joy
He said it always flows
Always He is there
Always taking care
Meeting every need
Doing righteous deeds
Building up my faith
Answers never late
He is always there for me
I asked the Lord to build my faith
He said to read His word
I asked Him for a hope that lasts
He said I could be sure
Whatever thing I asked of Him
He said it’s been supplied
All things were given on that day
When Christ was crucified
There’s no more sacrifice for sin
The work has all be done
Now I just have to live the word
And victory is mine
Always He is there
Always taking care
Meeting every need
Doing righteous deeds
Building up my faith
Answers never late
He is always there for me

My Souls’ Provider

If I had all the wealth
This world had to offer
I’d still be a pauper to Him

If I had all possessions
That made my life fun
I’d still lack all He has to give

I had many friends
That surround me each day
It would not compare to His love

If I had a big house
Where I could relax
It would pale to my mansion above

Incredible are His blessings
Marvelous is His love
Amazing is His provision
What He gives is always enough

The Fruit of the Spirit fulfill me
His mercy and grace never cease
As He walks with me every day of my life
I can rest in His wonderful peace

I will lift up His praise forever
I will worship His wonderful name
For He is my souls’ provider
Every day I will give Him my praise

All To You

All my praise

All my worship 

All my heart

To you, oh Lord

All my love

All the glory 

All my soul

To you, oh Lord

What a wonder it is 

That you love me

When all of creation is yours

What a marvelous thing

Is your grace to me

When you are my King and my Lord

All of my healing

All of my peace

All of my joy

From you, oh Lord 

All my deliverance 

All of my hope

All of my love

From you, oh Lord

What a marvel it us

That you would bestow 

Your mercy on one such as I

I can only cry worthy 

Are you of my praise 

As I lift up my hands to the sky

As I look up

To the heavens above

I praise you with all of my heart

For you are the one

Who gave me your all

So I could have all that you are

He Never Stops Providing

God has been so good to me
And I just don’t know why
Every day His mercy grows
His blessings make me cry

I cry for joy, not sorrow
At what He does for me
He never stops providing
The many things I need

Right now I need a healing
I know He’s bringing that
As slowly and most surely
My strength is coming back

I needed transportation
As of yet I cannot drive
A friend calls on the phone
And says he will provide

My angel of a wife is here
She watches over me
She makes sure my medicines
Are where they need to be

She does all of the housework
She cooks me food to eat
She is amazing, that’s for sure
She’s God’s great gift to me

Even in this trial
When some would turn from God
I run to Him and praise Him
Because He reigns above

He is my rock and fortress
My strength and hiding place
This cancer is defeated
As I lift my hands in praise

I worship you sweet Jesus
Because you are my Lord
And I will sing forever
It’s you that adore