Looking for Answers

Some reach here
Some reach there
Some will reach most anywhere
Looking for answers
Why they are here
Grasping at straws
Nothing to cheer

Come right here
Come here now
Come to Jesus Christ the Lord
He has a plan
Designed for you
As the Creator
He knows what’s good



In response to the daily prompt Grasp

Refine Your Plans

It used to be in days of old
That miners would assess their gold
By biting in and taking hold
To see how soft it was

Then men developed great techniques
To check the gold for strength and weak
When the assay was done they’d speak
To tell what they had found

We all are like gold in God’s hands
He tests us and refines our plans
To make the most of every man
By taking out the bad

So give your life to Him today
Let Him be your guide every day
He’ll lead you in His golden ways
Because He loves you so


In response to the daily prompt Assay