Bird Song

I hear the stringed instruments of chamber music
I hear the sweet jazz of battling horns
I hear the hard rumble of rock and roll singers
I hear the fun tickle of bluegrass accords

But nothing compares to before the sunlight
When the birds sing mellifluous tunes
The praise that they sing reaches heaven above
On a beautiful day in June

In response to the daily prompt


It’s easy to confuse me
It happens all the time
I try to understand things
But then I’m left behind

For instance just this morning
I came to check the prompt
The Reader said that celebrate
Was the word we should adopt

I went into the post attached
And lo what met my eyes
Mellifluous was sitting their
In the text that links these line

I guess that means on this day
As we celebrate our freedom
That we should be mellifluous
In all that’s said and done


In response to the daily prompt