His Light Speaks

Three in the morn
Fills the skies
Fills the air
Fills my sight
Cloud fused moonlight
Stars obscured
Street light shine in town
Some house lights ondarkne
To keep the darkness out
But out on the path
Way at the end
No light filters in
Eyes don’t see the trail
Flashlight needed to navigate
Finding my way
In the dark
Quiet all around
No one else moving
No dogs barking
No cars moving
No birds singing
Only the sound of silence
Fills the air
Beautiful quiet
In which to pray To meditate
To reflect on God’s goodness
He speaks
I listen
I hear
Poems come
Return to house
I write
You read
Mercy flows
All are blessed
By the darkness
Into which His light speaks

What A Glorious Day

I was out this morning before first light
And remembered when darkness was my plight
Then came the Son and gave me my sight
Oh what a glorious day

The dawn arrived and His beauty shone
The clouds were covered with golden tones
Like the joy and peace once I was atoned
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Now the day is gone and the sunset nears
The golden sky once again appears
I can hear Him whisper in my ear
Oh what a glorious day

I have walked with you through all your storms
I have kept you strong and have kept you calm
I have held you close in my loving arms
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Glorious day to walk with my Lord
Glorious day to talk with my Lord
Glorious day to hear from my Lord
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day



Like a beacon
Let the light show
So the world will see

For the Savior
Light the way for all
You are the light of the world
Because Jesus shines through you
Don’t let the darkness overcome
Let your light shine
Let your light shine
Bright and glorious
We’re victorious
Life in Christ is grand
Sing His praises
Lift His name up
Loud Hosannas raise
When we lift His name in high
He will draw men to Himself
Let’s shine the love of Christ
For all the world to see
So many will believe
They’ll come and be set free
Let’s shine

Beneath the Light

The stars shine so brightly at night

They really are quite a sight

I love when they twinkle

My heart feels a sprinkle

Of joy as I watch in delight


Yet as soon as the sun shows it’s face

The stars are all faded away

And though they’re still there

Way up in the air

They seem to be gone out of space


When Jesus came into my life

I faded beneath His pure light

Jesus shines through

In all that I do

I pray that His ligt outshines mine






The starsIn response to the dailly prommpt

Lending the Light

A birthday cake is always fun

When children are involved

Their faces will light up the room

As the we sing a familiar song


The candle count goes with their years

They are lit and shining bright

The light reflects in the child’s eyes

As they blow them out of sight


But much more important is the light

That my candle shines each day

The love of Jesus in my heart

Must show others the way


And I must guard real closely

That it never gets blown out

Because that child depends on me

To know what God’s about


Keep your candle burning

Let it always lend it’s light

To those who need a Savior

Let it shine both day and night




In response to the daily prompt  Candle