Jesus, You Are My Life

You are my Light
You brought me out of darkness
Out of a deep pit
My sin stained life was bound for hell
You shed your light
On all my transgressions
You asked me to come out
Come out of darkness
Into your Light
Now I can walk in the Light
Your Light
The Light of life

You are my breath
All that I once breathed
Was dying and decayed
It did not nurture my body for good
But brought evil in
I was bound for that evil place
But you breathed into me
Your Holy Spirit came alive
Inside me
Now breath fresh air
Your breath
The Breath of life

You are my bread
I have feasted on leaven
The leaven that destroys my soul
The things I have eaten
Dig deep into my life
They overwhelm me at times
And carry me away to sin
But you offer me bread
That makes me a new creation
No longer bound to sin
But to grace and mercy
Deep within
Now I eat of your manna
Your bread
The Bread of life

You are my water
I was thirsting in the desert
Crawling for just a sip of relief
My lips parched
From the vinegar of this world
Then you brought me water
Living water that will never be quenched
Spring flowing from within
Filling me with refreshing
Flooding me with joy
Your water of life

You are my life
Before I was walking astray
Not able to find my way
Lost in darkness
Lungs wheezing to breathe
Body aching from malnourishment
But you brought me Light
And Breath
And Bread
And Water
Now I live
For you
Because you gave me life
And you are my life


He placed the stars in heaven
He called them all by name
He formed them as we see them
They’ll always be the same

Just to make us wonder
He takes one at a time
He makes a supernova
That really does outshine

I have to be real careful
That my light shines just right
I cannot let pride get me
To cause it to shine bright

But if my Lord is leading
And my line should flash high
I must be humbly thankful
And leave Him to decide

It’s not my place to self-promote
Or make myself stand out
I’ll give my God the glory
Whenever my light shouts

In response to the daily prompt

The Light

What an awesome God I serve
He sent His Spirit to survey this world
When it was dark and void of life
His Spirit roamed to find emptiness
Then he spoke and there was Light
Light that shone without a source
Light that engulfed the whole world
All at once
No more darkness
Day and Night were now entrenched
Never to be changed again
He spoke again and dry land appeared
Above the waters
Separated by the waters
No life yet
Just dry land beside still waters
Land ready to produce
Land ready to be occupied
Then He separated the heavens from the earth
Clouds appeared
Two days had passed
On day three God spoke again
He caused the grass to grow
And the trees to grow
The fruit trees which carried their own seed
He looked out up all He had done
And said It is Good
On the fourth day
He spoke again
Let there be lights in the sky
The Sun by day
The moon by night
Let stars shine in the heavens
Placed one by one
And it was so
These lights did not replace the first Light
Which now shines in our hearts
On our sin
To show us God’s way
His path
The first Light was the Word of God
And the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us
He taught us
Showed us the Father
That we might believe
Then He was taken
Accused falsely
Condemned to die
On a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Spit on
Made to carry His cross
Nails through His feet and hands
Vinegar to drink
And darkness covered the earth
During the middle of the day
The Light was hanging on a tree
The unblemished Lamb of God
Sacrificed for all my sins
Took my place
And died for me
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Wrapped in a linen cloth
Stone placed at the entrance
Sealed by the rulers
Guards put in place
No escape
But nothing could hold the Light
On the third day He came forth
Once again to shine the Light
The Light that was from the beginning
The Light that will never die
Heaven and earth will pass away
But His Word
His Light
Will remain forever and ever
What an awesome God I serve

Real Bright

Some are like those tiny bulbs In refrigerators
Then shine when people are around but when alone they’re out
Some will shine like lanterns powered by some kind of gas
You must make sure the wick is up for them to shine about

But we as Christians need to shine the light of God real bright
There’s lots of darkness in the world where we must testify
And if our light is shining bright then hopefully they’ll swarm
Like bugs at night they’ll come around to just enjoy the light

In response to the daily prompt

Heaven’s Delight

He God commanded the Light to shine
The first day of creation
The fourth day the Sun moon and stars were made
He placed each in their station

So what was the Light that He made first
The one that He spoke into being
It was the Word of God come to illuminate all
From the darkness that had been reigning

Still today the sun moon and stars do shine
Dividing the day and the night
The first Light is still there to show us the way
From hell fire to heaven’s delight

Look to the Light of the World today
Jesus Christ the Word made flesh
He’ll take all your sorrows and sins away
And cover you with His grace


In response to the daily prompt


The Plight

I looked into the night
Oh what a plight
Full of fright it was without light
The alley cats and rabid bats
Were everywhere and they did stare
And try to scare
So I would run away
But then it seemed it was a dream
I tried to scream
But sat upright in the night with no light
And saw myself
Like an elf on the shelf
Knowing all was well
And of this spell I would not tell
Because I know
The dream is so unreal to show
To someone else
Who would not understand
Then I realized
That I was wise and I surmised
I would not die
I would not cry
For my Savior is by my side
He calms my fears
Dries my tears and fills my ears
With His voice
So I rejoice and make my choice
Not to go where there’s no light
Not to give into the plight
But to walk in His light
Out of the night
Into His arms where He keeps me calm
And all is well

Beauty On Display

I love to see a rainbow
Draped across the sky
It’s beauty overwhelms me
It’s colors fill my eye

I love to see the colors
That sunset brings each day
I dare not miss a moment
As colors often change

It always fascinates me
To think about the fact
That white light is all colors
While crayons mixed turn black

The first thing God created
Was Light with all it’s hues
Monochromatic boredom
Has never been God’s view

He wanted us to enjoy
The beauty that He made
So Light became all colors
Their beauty on display


In response to the daily prompt

His Light Speaks

Three in the morn
Fills the skies
Fills the air
Fills my sight
Cloud fused moonlight
Stars obscured
Street light shine in town
Some house lights ondarkne
To keep the darkness out
But out on the path
Way at the end
No light filters in
Eyes don’t see the trail
Flashlight needed to navigate
Finding my way
In the dark
Quiet all around
No one else moving
No dogs barking
No cars moving
No birds singing
Only the sound of silence
Fills the air
Beautiful quiet
In which to pray To meditate
To reflect on God’s goodness
He speaks
I listen
I hear
Poems come
Return to house
I write
You read
Mercy flows
All are blessed
By the darkness
Into which His light speaks

What A Glorious Day

I was out this morning before first light
And remembered when darkness was my plight
Then came the Son and gave me my sight
Oh what a glorious day

The dawn arrived and His beauty shone
The clouds were covered with golden tones
Like the joy and peace once I was atoned
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Now the day is gone and the sunset nears
The golden sky once again appears
I can hear Him whisper in my ear
Oh what a glorious day

I have walked with you through all your storms
I have kept you strong and have kept you calm
I have held you close in my loving arms
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Glorious day to walk with my Lord
Glorious day to talk with my Lord
Glorious day to hear from my Lord
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day



Like a beacon
Let the light show
So the world will see

For the Savior
Light the way for all
You are the light of the world
Because Jesus shines through you
Don’t let the darkness overcome
Let your light shine
Let your light shine
Bright and glorious
We’re victorious
Life in Christ is grand
Sing His praises
Lift His name up
Loud Hosannas raise
When we lift His name in high
He will draw men to Himself
Let’s shine the love of Christ
For all the world to see
So many will believe
They’ll come and be set free
Let’s shine