Jesus, You Are My Life

You are my Light
You brought me out of darkness
Out of a deep pit
My sin stained life was bound for hell
You shed your light
On all my transgressions
You asked me to come out
Come out of darkness
Into your Light
Now I can walk in the Light
Your Light
The Light of life

You are my breath
All that I once breathed
Was dying and decayed
It did not nurture my body for good
But brought evil in
I was bound for that evil place
But you breathed into me
Your Holy Spirit came alive
Inside me
Now breath fresh air
Your breath
The Breath of life

You are my bread
I have feasted on leaven
The leaven that destroys my soul
The things I have eaten
Dig deep into my life
They overwhelm me at times
And carry me away to sin
But you offer me bread
That makes me a new creation
No longer bound to sin
But to grace and mercy
Deep within
Now I eat of your manna
Your bread
The Bread of life

You are my water
I was thirsting in the desert
Crawling for just a sip of relief
My lips parched
From the vinegar of this world
Then you brought me water
Living water that will never be quenched
Spring flowing from within
Filling me with refreshing
Flooding me with joy
Your water of life

You are my life
Before I was walking astray
Not able to find my way
Lost in darkness
Lungs wheezing to breathe
Body aching from malnourishment
But you brought me Light
And Breath
And Bread
And Water
Now I live
For you
Because you gave me life
And you are my life

A Plan For You

Do you feel like you are on this earth just to pass the time?
Do you think that this is all there is and there’s no reason why?
Do you think that once this life is o’er what’s left is just to die?
Is that what you’ve been listening to all of your life?

I’m here to tell you differently and help your eyes to see
There really is a plan for you there’s more for you to be
Don’t let this world beguile you to thinking you’re not free
To give your all and serve the Lord on High

For He’s the one that will determine where you go from here
You’re life will not be over once you shed that final tear
There’s heaven to gain and hell to shun the time is drawing near
Today accept the Savior Jesus Christ

In response to the daily prompt


Don’t Be Distracted

When I am down and weary
And life seems like just a fight
There’s only one thing that revives me
One thing that will make things right

I summon up all that’s within me
I make up my mind to change course
Then way down deep in my spirit
I hear a resounding noise

Praise the Lord
I will praise the Lord
In any dark time or stormy sea
I will praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
I will praise the Lord
Nothing can keep the words in my mouth
I will praise the Lord

The next time you’re in a battle
The next time your mood is down
Just make up your mind to praise Him
Relief will quite soon be found

Praise the Lord
You should just praise the Lord
Don’t be distracted by things in your life
You should just praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
Let’s all just praise the Lord
When we lift Him up He lifts us up too
Let’s all just praise the Lord



In response to the daily prompt Don’t Be Distracted

Not Ordinary

Sometimes I just don’t fit into the crowd
Sometimes I speak to soft other times I’m just too loud
Most people don’t care much if I’m around
So I go my merry way
Make the most out of each day
And don’t worry if I just don’t make a sound

I guess I’m not compatible with life
At least not like most ordinary guys
I just don’t want to live a life of stories and of lies
I live authentically
I try to live at peace
This world is not my home to no surprise

You see I am a child of the King
He asks that I would think on pure and honest things
He gave His life so I would not be trapped by anything
I’m free from sin and doubt
My life is all about
Bringing honor to the Lord of Lords in everything

In response to the daily prompt Not Ordinary

A Cool Jacket

I once had a really cool jacket
You could turn it inside out
One day was red the next day was blue
And to guess would leave you in doubt

There are some things in life that can change
They can be turned around if you want
You can just go along and sing your sweet song
If it’s wrong you can turn it about

But once we have reached the end of our life
And our body is laid to rest
The result of our choice made on this earth
Is not reversible but it will last

So while you’re still here and reading this verse
I urge you to choose Christ today
Confess all your sin and ask Jesus in
Have no doubt He is Lord all the way

In response to the daily prompt reversibile

The Path tbat Turned

I had my days in High school
Where learning came with ease
I aced most of my classes
All classes were a breeze

I started into business
Where things came naturally
Growth came in giant measure
Advancement was for me

But when I came to Jesus
I had so much to learn
His ways were so much different
After my path was turned

I started to grow slowly
A mentor was my need
My pastors came beside me
And helped me to succeed

Success was not in money
Or in power, fame or things
Success was found in meekness
Humility was king

I still have much to learn
About my walk with God
I’m thankful for the mentors
That have helped me all along

In response to the daily prompt Mentor

Running Rampant

Hustle, bustle, toil and trouble
Life goes on like bursting bubbles
One thing comes another passes
I run rampant through the masses

Can it get much easier
Can I find a way
To become a bit more focused
Simplify my life today

Blessings mercy grace unending
Peace and joy blocks fear impending
Jesus gives me calm and hope
Helping me to thrive and cope

Life is now much easier
I have found The Way
If you need to find this life
Come to Jesus Christ today





In response to the daily prompt Simplify

Entangled In You

I Him I live
He is my source
He provides all that I need
Strength in my weakness
Joy in my sorrow
Faith in my times of doubt
Peace in the storms
Truth when I worry
All of my fears He removes with His love
He is my source of life

In Him I move
He has the plan
That will bring me a glorious end
Answers to questions
Guidance each day
His Spirit leads me to the truth
Holding my hand
Carrying me
When the steps are too hard to take
I only move when He moves

I have my being
Only in Christ
Grace that’s Amazing
Mercy that’s free
He paid the price on the cross
Poured out His spirit
Setting me free
I owe Him my life for eternity
I only will be where He is

My glorious Savior
My wonderful Lord
My life is entangled in you
There’s no place on earth
That I’d rather be
Than safe in your loving arms

In you I live and move
And have my being
You are my Heavenly Father
All I desire
You have provided
Your child I will always be

Lord of All

If you will put your trust in Him
The one who saved you from your sin
The one who died upon that cross
Jesus, Lord of all

Then He will wipe away your tears
You’ll conquer doubt, you’ll conquer fear
Because His strength will pull you through
Jesus, Lord of all

There s no mystery to this
He conquered death so we could live
His Spirit lives within us now
Jesus, Lord of all

I will lift my voice n praise
To the one who my life saved
Gives me victory each day
Jesus, Lord of all




In response to the daily prompt Conquer

No More Hockey Pucks

When I was young I had much zip in every step I took
My days were filled with busy things not usually by the book
Climbing trees and catching frogs and slapping hockey pucks
The fact that I was rarely hurt I passed it off to luck

When I grew older, wiser too, I found myself messed up
I’d taken drugs and drink in droves and other nasty stuff
I needed remedy real fast or thought that I would die
No luck could get me out of this.  I wanted to survive

One day I heard that Jesus died to cleanse me of my sin
I asked Him to forgive me and come to live within
No luck or circumstance can ever take the place of Him
I now know peace and joy are real, and with Him I can win

So if your feeling down and out and have no where to turn
Please listen to these words of mine before you die and burn
Ask Jesus too forgive your sins, He’ll give a brannd  new start
You never wll regret the day He comes into your heart




In response to the daily prompt Luck