The Path tbat Turned

I had my days in High school
Where learning came with ease
I aced most of my classes
All classes were a breeze

I started into business
Where things came naturally
Growth came in giant measure
Advancement was for me

But when I came to Jesus
I had so much to learn
His ways were so much different
After my path was turned

I started to grow slowly
A mentor was my need
My pastors came beside me
And helped me to succeed

Success was not in money
Or in power, fame or things
Success was found in meekness
Humility was king

I still have much to learn
About my walk with God
I’m thankful for the mentors
That have helped me all along

In response to the daily prompt Mentor

Running Rampant

Hustle, bustle, toil and trouble
Life goes on like bursting bubbles
One thing comes another passes
I run rampant through the masses

Can it get much easier
Can I find a way
To become a bit more focused
Simplify my life today

Blessings mercy grace unending
Peace and joy blocks fear impending
Jesus gives me calm and hope
Helping me to thrive and cope

Life is now much easier
I have found The Way
If you need to find this life
Come to Jesus Christ today





In response to the daily prompt Simplify

Entangled In You

I Him I live
He is my source
He provides all that I need
Strength in my weakness
Joy in my sorrow
Faith in my times of doubt
Peace in the storms
Truth when I worry
All of my fears He removes with His love
He is my source of life

In Him I move
He has the plan
That will bring me a glorious end
Answers to questions
Guidance each day
His Spirit leads me to the truth
Holding my hand
Carrying me
When the steps are too hard to take
I only move when He moves

I have my being
Only in Christ
Grace that’s Amazing
Mercy that’s free
He paid the price on the cross
Poured out His spirit
Setting me free
I owe Him my life for eternity
I only will be where He is

My glorious Savior
My wonderful Lord
My life is entangled in you
There’s no place on earth
That I’d rather be
Than safe in your loving arms

In you I live and move
And have my being
You are my Heavenly Father
All I desire
You have provided
Your child I will always be

Lord of All

If you will put your trust in Him
The one who saved you from your sin
The one who died upon that cross
Jesus, Lord of all

Then He will wipe away your tears
You’ll conquer doubt, you’ll conquer fear
Because His strength will pull you through
Jesus, Lord of all

There s no mystery to this
He conquered death so we could live
His Spirit lives within us now
Jesus, Lord of all

I will lift my voice n praise
To the one who my life saved
Gives me victory each day
Jesus, Lord of all




In response to the daily prompt Conquer

No More Hockey Pucks

When I was young I had much zip in every step I took
My days were filled with busy things not usually by the book
Climbing trees and catching frogs and slapping hockey pucks
The fact that I was rarely hurt I passed it off to luck

When I grew older, wiser too, I found myself messed up
I’d taken drugs and drink in droves and other nasty stuff
I needed remedy real fast or thought that I would die
No luck could get me out of this.  I wanted to survive

One day I heard that Jesus died to cleanse me of my sin
I asked Him to forgive me and come to live within
No luck or circumstance can ever take the place of Him
I now know peace and joy are real, and with Him I can win

So if your feeling down and out and have no where to turn
Please listen to these words of mine before you die and burn
Ask Jesus too forgive your sins, He’ll give a brannd  new start
You never wll regret the day He comes into your heart




In response to the daily prompt Luck

Come To The Real Deal

When you think about freedom or morality
You have to think abstractly at best
For these things are subjective it matters who you ask
One person things much different  than the rest

Many think that God is at the top of abstract thought
His existence they aren’t sure is real
But I surely tell you that He is more alive
More than sun or wind or rain or stars reveal

You see I know these things because He changed my life
From someone who was rough and full of wrong
He gave me purpose in my life and filled my heart with love
His presence is with in me all day long

So if you need something to keep you from an abstract life
I have the answer you are looking for
Just ask my Jesus to come in and take away your sin
And take away your sin forevermore





In response to the daily prompt Abstract

More and More

It’s hard to find the words to say
How much I love my Lord
Every day that passes by
I love Him more and more

He’s with me everywhere I go
He never leaves my side
I know I can depend on Him
For in me He abides

He talks to me with loving word
He tells makes me feel so calm
Whenever I am feeling low
He lifts me in His arms

Wonderful He is to me
Marvelous His ways
I will praise His mighty name
Every single day

He comforts me when times are hard
He sends the Spirit in
I can feel His awesome touch
As He dwells deep within

His peace does overwhelm me
Every time I turn around
There’s nothing like the peace of God
To make you safe and sound

His joy is so unspeakable
Even when times aren’t good
I feel it flooding to my soul
Like a rapid running brook

Wonderful He is to me
Marvelous His ways
I will praise His mighty name
Every single day

His mercy and His grace come last
But certainly not least
They’re always there protecting me
From the enemy
And I can so depend on them
To carry me each day
I can’t imagine life without
His mercy and His grace

Wonderful He is to me
Marvelous His ways
I will praise His mighty name
Every single day

No Contest

I sit and wonder why, Lord
Do people not choose thee
When they hear you’ve paid the price
From sin to set them free

Down here they feel so happy
And they think it’s the best
But if they just choose you today.
They would be richly blessed

In this life they party
Thinking all of life’s a game
If you would fill them with your joy
They’d never be the same

And when the party’s over
And the happiness is gone
They sit their all alone and wonder
When some peace will come

But I can tell them truly
That the peace that Jesus gives
Will permeate  their soul each day
As long as they shall live

You ask me how I know these things
So I’ll tell you here and now
‘Twas not that long ago my friend
That I refused to bow

I loved the party life at night
But hated waking up
My mind was filled with torment
My thoughts were so corrupt

It took at least 10 times
For me to head His call
But when I did, He kept His word
And gave to me His all

He blesses me each day
With His presence,  oh so sweet
He fills my heart with joy
Happiness just can’t compete

His peace is so remarkable
It soothes me every day
And His love is unforgettable
He walks along my way

But most of all His mercy
Is always reaching me
And His grace is so amazing
As it works to keep me free

You see it really is no contest
What the best life is
So why not turn your life around
And make your heart be His.

The Hope of Heaven

It may seem far away to you

So your not in any hurry

Your lie is going on just fine

So you don’t need to worry


But Jesus said the hour is near

And no one knows the day

That He will come with trumpet sound

To take His own away


So if you don’t know Him as your Lord

It’s urgent that you ask Him

To come into your heart today

If you ask, He’ll come in


And you will have that peace of  mind

That you are not alone

He’ll give you hope for all of time

And heaven will be your home




In response to the daily prompt Urgent

A Little Smoother Now

I used to be clumsy with speech

I’d juggle and mess up my words

I liked to talk

And I wouldn’t balk

At saying things really absurd


I joined a group called Toastmasters

They taught me to speak really well

I now had a voice

And made the right choice

Of which words to use – it is swell!



Now I can speak so much smoother

I can share what’s important to me

The Lord Jesus Christ

Has transformed my life

And He wants to set you free!



In response to the daily prompt Clumsy