The Answer Is Yes

There’s a call to serve the Lord today
This I know is true
The question that awakens me
Is what can this man do

I open my eyes to look around
At a world that needs His love
I’m just one person in a small town
Can I really do enough

The answer is yes
Absolutely yes
He said I could move mountains
And do much greater things
When I reach out in faith
And I pray most earnestly
I can change a life for someone
Yes, yes, yes

I began to see around me
Little needs I could fulfill
From providing a few groceries
To a gas tank that needs filled

An old man need company
On a long ride for his health
So I rode along beside him
And shared the gospel wealth

There are so many ways we can reach out
So many things we can change
If well just take the time to bow down
And fall on our knees in prayer

The most powerful weapon I can yield
Against the enemy
Is a prayer life for others daily
That’s designed to meet their needs

As I pray for the lost and lonely
God will open my eyes to their needs
Then I step out in faith to help them
Change the world why yes indeed

The answer is yes
Absolutely yes
He said I could move mountains
And do much greater things
When I reach out in faith
And I pray most earnestly
I can change a life for someone
Yes, yes, yes

Always Blessed 

I woke up abruptly the room bathed in light
It seemed that an angel was blinding my sight
Come closer He whispered and called me by name
I come here to bless you don’t be afraid

The Lord sent me to you to grant you one wish
Anything can be yours i will grant your request
I was awed by His splendor his voice was surreal
I thought this a dream but knew it was real

Anything could be mine from riches to fame
More wisdom or power could be mine today
I thought for a moment how my life would change
If any of these things would be mine today

Then I realized what a great life I had
I needed not riches or power or fame
I have a great family who loves me so much
I have lots of friends i am blessed by God’s touch

I looked at the angel the words came quite clear
Please heal my good friend so he’ll live many years
He has aches and pains and his nerves are all shot
He sure needs a touch for he lives God so much

The angel just smiled it is done He replied
You have spoken your wish your friend will arise
Then he left just as fast as he had appeared
But before he did these last words I did hear

Because you have prayed for your friend on this day
There’s a blessing that will soon be coming your way
I smiled as he left knowing he was correct
When we pray for others we always are blessed

Touch The Lord

I see the Lord

Most every day

He’s right beside me

As I pray

He walks with me

Along the way

He’s everywhere I go


When I see someone

Steeped in pain

I see the Lord

Inside of Him

I go and pray

That health would win

And I have touched my Lord


If someone’s feeble

In their home

And I go visit

When their alone

They brighten up

That someone comes

And I have touched my Lord


Jesus said that when we touch

One of His children, him we touch

He asks us to go out of our way

To make a difference in the world today


If one’s in prison

For their crime

And I go visit

And give my time

It cheers them up

They glad I came

And I have touched my Lord


Do you see Jesus

As you walk

In other people

In the park

He’s right there

Inside their heart

Waiting for a touch


Open your eyes

To others needs

And soon you’ll see

Their needs are real

It’s up to you

To help them heal

Your time to touch the Lord

Lonely People

I walk into the church here in Iowa
Waiting for the choir to begin
I settled into the back of you as I always do
As an elderly gentleman walks in


I have seen him here before, but it had been a while
His appearance seems to drive some folks away
I was sitting on the pew on the other side
As the congregation starts to sing God’s praise


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


As I sang I couldn’t help but notice him
Tears were welling up with in his eyes
His feeble voice did lift his praise to Christ the King
I sensed His heart was breaking inside


The worship service came to a mighty end
In the sermon was inspiring to all
As the pastor gave an altar call prepared that day
The old man slowly rose and went aisle


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


A sudden urge came over me to join him there
So I went and knelt beside him for a while
He was weeping as he bowed his head in silent prayer

Then he turned and looked at me with a smile


He said “Son, my wife passed on 5 years ago

And I was blaming God that she was gone

But this morning I awoke and felt the Holy Spirit call

And I knew that God had loved me all along


I hadn’t been to church

For all those many years

And when I heard the choir sing, I was so blessed

For God to still love me

When I had turned on Him

Overwhelmed me and brought me to His rest


We left the church that morning as friends

And vowed that we would keep in touch through time

I thanked the Lord He’d given me this day to realize

That a simple deed can change a person’s life


Let’s all try to look for lonely people

And ask the Lord what he would have us do

His mission is the same

His love will never change

He desire is to reach them through you


I see so many Christians

(Or at least that’s what they say)

Who profess that Jesus is their Lord

But they live a different way

On the surface they look very good

And they fool me quite a bit

But underneath and in their heart

They really don’t have it.


They gossip of their neighbors

And do honof them

They tear apart the pastor

When they should pray for him

Their ways are full of sinful things

When Christ asks righteousness

And often they complain and gripe

When they are oh so blessed


Hidden is humility

Pride is on display

Hidden is forgiveness

Anger comes each day

Hidden is compassion

They just walk on by

Hidden is their love for God

They just don’t testify


I pray today that you are not

One who hides their faith

That you are not ashamed to say

That Jesus is the way.





In response to the daily prompt Surface

All Day

There’s never a moment
Throughout the day
That I do not praise His name
For He is the one
Who gives me my breath
So He’s worthy of all my praise

When I rise in the morning
I sing out a song
Of honor and glory to Him
For He kept me through
The dark of the night
And buried His peace deep within

When I’m ready to go
And I sit down to eat
The very first meal of the day
I thank Him for all
He provides for me
As He guides me along my way

Through the day as I work
I give highest praise
For I have been blessed with a task
As people come by me
I take time to pray
Is this one the one I should ask?

Maybe He needs a Savior today
Maybe She needs a friend
Maybe you’ve placed them in my path
So I’ll be a witness to them
Speak to me Lord and give me the words
The words that only you know
That I might speak right unto their heart
And give them your love so it shows

My work day now over
I settle back home
And I praise Him for what He has done
If I said just one word
That brought comfort or peace
That person has already won

As I lay my head down
At the end of the day
I give praise that the Lord led me through
And I ask Him to give me
A good nights rest
So tomorrow will bring forth His fruit.

Homeward Bound

I’m waiting for the trumpet sound
When dead believers leave the ground
They rise to Him
Free of their sin
And will go with Him, homeward bound
Then those of us who still remain
And confess the Lord, Christ Jesus name
Will leave this earth
And rise with mirth
And join Him in the clouds that day
But all who do not know the Lord
Will stay here on this earth forlorn
The judgment day
Will soon take place
And they will weep, and cry and mourn
The book of Revelation comes
God’s wrath us poured out on everyone
Though some get saved
That will be spared
The rest will suffer pain unknown
And when the final battle ‘ s won
Christ’s victory will all be done
If we’re with Him
We also win
And heavens home for everyone
But those who lose this fateful day
Will with their last breath surely pay
The Lake of Fire
Is their last pyre
Hells’ torment is where they remain
You must tell those around you now
That Jesus soon is coming down
Please get them saved
So they’ll evade
The judgement coming in the clouds

Restore The Land

The enemy gathers daily

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to take you down

They gather up the gossip

Rumors and lies

And start a chain to spread it all around


Wording carefully crafted

And very neatly spun

Their web of deception knows no shame

The little minions gather

One by one they flee

To the human destination with their name


The saints of God gather

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to lift you to the King

They sound aloud their prayers

For healing and strength

To fight the battles this day’s going to bring


Interceding Prayers

And praises to our God

Their voices sing a song of victory

The angels gather round

To protect the saints of God

From any and all attacks of the enemy


With which of these groups

Do you work today?

The one lifting up?

Or the one breaking down?


Because as Christians we seem

To take both sides in stride

One minute we tear up

And the next we edify.


This ought not to be

In our lives as His church

We ought to be always

Lifting up those who hurt


Gossip and tale bearing

Have no place in the body

Putting others down for fun

Is an affront to our Lord


So come on church, rise up

Let the good words win out

Let the body of Christ

Rise up with a shout

Encourage each other

Pray for the sick

Help out the lonely

Make your faith stick


If all of us would

Take the time for this plan

The church would rise up

And restore this land

The Power of Prayer

If you want to touch God

Each and every day

Then all you have to do is pray

If you want to reach Jesus

Each and every day

Then all you have to do is pray


It’s really not too difficult

Or hard to comprehend

Just talk to Him like any other friend

He’s always got an ear

Open to your heartfelt words

He will listen close to every prayer you send


Prayer is the answer

To every earthly need

It’s the way to move the heavens and the earth

Prayer is the weapon

God has given us to use

Whenever there’s a need that we observe


Prayer heals the sick

Prayer frees the captive

Prayer casts out demons

Prayer brings the victory

Prayer grows our faith

Prayer builds the church


More powerful than lightning

More effective than attack

Prayer stops the enemy cold

So easy to accomplish

So successful to employ

Prayer is a weapon that is bold


Let’s band together church

And really make a difference

Let’s take back this world the devil stole away

Just find a quiet place

And take a little time

To sit before the Lord and pray

His Glory

I have seen His glory
Shining from above
‘Tis the ancient story
Of abiding love
I have felt His glory
Filling up my heart
I know He adores me
Never will depart
I have praised His glory
Worshipped His sweet name
I will praise Him only
Age to age the same
I have touched His glory
With every earnest prayer
He answers His way only
And tells me He is there
His glory is amazing
His glory is divine
His glory is deserving
Of every praise of mine
His glory is eternal
His glory is so true
His glory is love’s journal


From heaven down to you.