Entangled In You

I Him I live
He is my source
He provides all that I need
Strength in my weakness
Joy in my sorrow
Faith in my times of doubt
Peace in the storms
Truth when I worry
All of my fears He removes with His love
He is my source of life

In Him I move
He has the plan
That will bring me a glorious end
Answers to questions
Guidance each day
His Spirit leads me to the truth
Holding my hand
Carrying me
When the steps are too hard to take
I only move when He moves

I have my being
Only in Christ
Grace that’s Amazing
Mercy that’s free
He paid the price on the cross
Poured out His spirit
Setting me free
I owe Him my life for eternity
I only will be where He is

My glorious Savior
My wonderful Lord
My life is entangled in you
There’s no place on earth
That I’d rather be
Than safe in your loving arms

In you I live and move
And have my being
You are my Heavenly Father
All I desire
You have provided
Your child I will always be

What A Wonderful Father

Oh what a wonderful Father
Oh what a marvelous friend
He’ll keep me in His loving arms
Until the very end

I wandered through my younger years
My path was growing dim
I didn’t know which way to turn
Until I turned to Him

He set my face to better things
He turned my life around
He took my feet from sinking sand
Placed me on solid ground

Oh what a wonderful Father
Oh what a marvelous friend
He’ll keep me in His loving arms
Until the very end

I’m resting in His promises
And when the trials come
I turn to His great mercy
He saves me by His love

One day He will come back for me
And take me to His throne
I’ll worship Him forevermore
In my eternal home

Oh what a wonderful Father
Oh what a marvelous friend
He’ll keep me in His loving arms
Until the very end

I Am Your Father

When life takes a turn
And hard times arise
It’s easy to doubt God is near
If you will be silent
And wait just a bit
There’s a word that God wants you to hear

I am your Father, faithful and true
I’ll always be here when you call
Do not be fearful I am with you
I’ll pick you up when you fall

I am your Father, holy and just
My grace is sufficient for you
When you feel lost and you can’t find your way
I’ll always guide you through

I am your Father, loving and kind
I listen each time that you pray
I’ll send an answer when my time is right
There will never be a delay

I lift up my voice
To the Father above
And thank Him for all He has done
The calm reassurance
He puts in my heart
Tells me that the victory’s won

Heavenly Father, I give you praise
I lift up my voice to your name
I worship you from the depths of my heart
You’ve lifted me up by your grace

Child of the King

Only through Christ the blessings flow

Only through Christ will I ever know

The promise from Heaven He bestows

To all who call on His name


He bought me at such a great price

By becoming my precious sacrifice

Paying the debt of sin in my life

So that now I am redeemed


His blood wiped away all my sin

Now God will never bring it up again

It’s just as if I’d never sinned

Justified by His blood


No longer will sickness rule in my life

Because I am healed by the horrible stripes

Now I claim victory when evils rise

Delivered from pain and disease


My mind is now free from doubt and fear

The thorns that he wore brought a covering here

Now I can now he will always be near

Peace and Joy flood my life today


He opened the way to heaven for me

He calls me His son, and He says I am free

He sets me apart because I believed

Sanctified through the cross


He’s there for me in good times or bad

Giving me guidance that I never had

His Holy Spirit shows me His plan

To prosper my life every day


From now on I’ll praise Him with all of my heart

I’ll sing out my worship, I’ll never depart

His precious love has set me apart

I am a child of the King


When I first came to Jesus
I just did not know
If He would take me as I was
Or say I’d  have to go
My life was a disaster
I’d been a mess for years
And when I learned my fate was hell
I burst out into tears
I couldn’t understand
How He could still love me
Because I’d done so many things
To shun His great mercy
Drinking,  drugs and lust galore
Filled my thoughts each day
I figured there was no way out
I’d truly lost my way
But then a good friend told me
Of His amazing grace
That He had taken all my sins
And died to take my place
Now all I had to do
Was accept His sacrifice
So when I asked Him in my heart
He’d fill me with new life
I figured why not try it
I had nothing to lose
The thought of hell forever
Had me shaking in my boots
So I knelt down at the alter
And I asked Him to come in
And I felt a stirring in my soul
Like a rushing, mighty wind
From that day forth my life has changed
Now heaven Is my home
And life on earth is so much more
Of joy and peace and hope
I know deep in my heart
That Jesus loves me so
And now that He accepted me
There’s something you should know
He loves you right where you are
With a love that never dies
He wants to have you as His own
He wants to change your life
So don’t wait until your ready
Just cry out to Him today
And you will be accepted
Your sins He’ll wipe away

My Heavenly Father

I once had a Father on earth

Who I barely knew at all

He left us when I was young

And He hardly ever called


We would get a gift at Christmas

And a visit here and there

But through time I grew bitter

And didn’t even care.


The anger inside grew mighty

As I reached my teenage years

I got into things angered my mom

And had her often in tears


I could not find my way through life

I struggled just to survive

The time had to come to turn around

Or I might take my life


Then a friend from a long time ago

Came and told me a story I knew

But He told it in such a different way

I listened and heard the truth


I have a heavenly Father

Who loves me very much

A heavenly Father up above

Who came my heart to touch


He gave His own son

To die in my place

And covered my sin

With amazing grace


His mercy is greater

Than all my shame

He’ll live in my heart

And call me by name


And one day he’ll come

And take me home

To a life everlasting

Around His throne


I love my heavenly Father

He takes care of all my needs

My heavenly Father

He’ll always be there for me