From Sad to Glad

My wife and I are planning
To reside here many years
But fact is we are aging
And we do not like the stairs

We changed a season room
Into some closet space
And moved my wife’s whole bedroom
To take our dining place

The bathroom was expanded
And our future plans are made
We’ll renovate the living room
Open concept will invade

I wake up daily thinking
That the task is way to grand
For a guy who can cause trouble
With a hammer in his hand

Many years ago I thought the same
About my wayward life
I was sinking mighty fast
Into a cesspool of delight

I had to do some changing
And I needed help with that
So I asked the Lord to help me
Gave my life to Him at last

He started transform my life
And renovate my mind
It happened as I read His Word
Now I praise Him all the time

Perhaps your trapped this day
In a place that makes you sad
Ask Jesus for some help today
And He will make you glad

In response to the daily prompt

Many Laughs

I once was a man full of laughter
I was happy for moments in time
I used many laughs through my years
But I never knew which one was mine

Sometimes I’d burst out a HA
Other times snickers were good
A guffaw a cackle or giggle
I’d laugh just as loud as I could

But all of this laughter was surface
I was hurting deep down inside
Because happiness lasts for a moment
After that sadness ruled my life

But then I met Jesus my Savior
He cleansed me from all of my sin
His peace settled into my spirit
He brought me true joy within

Now I have this joy forever
It’s not for a moment and gone
If always sad in your spirit
Look to Jesus and true joy will come

In response to the daily prompt