He Gave

He gave us His peace
His wonderful peace
Our hearts can be free and untroubled
It’s deep within us
Changing our lives
Keeping us free from all doubt

He gave us His joy
Unspeakable joy
We rejoice in the good and bad times
It’s bubbling inside
Just wanting to thrive
Spreading joy to so many lives

Oh, what a Savior
Oh, what a friend
Who would give these remarkable gifts
I’ll lift His name
His wonderful name
He is worthy of all I can give

He showed us His love
When He died in that tree
To redeem us from all of our sin
Now let’s spread that love
To all those who need love
Bring them peace and joy settled within

Each day of our lives
God’s love forgives us
A gift of His mercy and grace
What greater gift
Than the gift of forgiveness
Can we give to our neighbors and friends

Oh, what a Savior
Oh, what a friend
Who would sacrifice His life for me
I’ll give Him my life
And all the other do
Then He’ll make me all I can be