Through Endless Obstacles

Through the ancient forest
Tall and majestic trees
Reaching to the sky
Raining leaves in a drizzle
To the ragged ground below
Some fall into the brook
Over small rocks
Through tiny culverts
Unceasingly advancing
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
The brook continues on
Like that brook
Which murmurs as it flows
The voice of God speaks
Speaks to ears that will listen
Ears that are open
Hearts that are attentive
Waiting in anticipation
It comes amid this loud world
Thoughts fill our minds
Fleshly thoughts
Godless thoughts
Trying to block out His voice
Ever present
His voice speaks
He’s always there
Like that brook
Trying to find you
Find your ears
Find your heart
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
Except our inability to listen
His voice continues on

Fall of Colors

Forty short years ago I moved to Iowa
Flatland met me with corn grown tall
Storms of summer cold of winter
Harvest time takes over fall

One thing I missed from dear old Mass
Was the woodlands deep and wide
In fall the colors were so bright
That’s when homesick still abides

I came out here to seek the Lord
Best decision I ever made
I could not see the forest for the trees
When it came to life back then

Now life is so much clearer
My purpose is renewed
If you need something more from life
Just look to Christ our Lord


In response to the daily prompt Forest

Still Curious

When I was a boy so curious
I loved to go out in the woods
We’d look for strange things
Great joy it did bring
To search for whatever I could

Now that I’m a man still curious
I have a new place to explore
The Word of God speaks
To all who will seek
It’s treasures my heart will implore


In response to the daily prompt Explore