Simple Words

I’ve worked in sales for many years
At times I would break down in tears
A sale did not go through
Or goals were far from true
Those days would just cement all of my fears

Those were the times that others came around
They would cajole me back to steady ground
Their leadership was good
Because they understood
That sales could ruin one who was not sound

Our walk with Jesus Christ is just like that
There are those days our faith just seems to lack
But others are on hand
To help us rise again
They share with us their faith and bring us back

Today I hope that you are not afraid
To reach out to someone who’s gone astray
They only need a friend
To take them by the hand
And change their course with simple words of prayer

In response to the daily prompt


I remember days from long ago when life was but a high
We traveled in my little car across the countryside
There was no destination as we went on this long ride
We just enjoyed the scenery especially in fall

New England is a gorgeous place when autumn comes about
The leaves turn brilliant colors that always gave my heart a shout
Whenever autumn comes each year I look with suspect doubt
That the colors here in Iowa are redolent at all

God’s canvas is a mighty thing each day I look around
From sunrises to sunsets He fails not to astound
But in the autumn colors I’m set on higher ground
Their brilliance in New England makes me homesick every fall

Bright Hues

In all of my years I’ve been watching
Both to the East and the West
I marvel each day
As the sun makes it’s way
The heaven’s display their best

Then I look at the trees in autumn
As the changing of seasons goes on
From green to bright hues
The most colorful show
There to watch with a sense of awe

As I study these things I can’t help
But think of our awesome God
Who gives us each day
These brilliant displays
He really must love us so much



In response to the daily prompt Study