Colors Overdue

Through days and days of gentle rain the cloudy skies held close
I was wondering if the sun was hiding or if it soon would show
This morning I awoke to a clear and starry sky
And I knew the dawn was coming and the sun would then arise

The leaves were turning color but the clouds did hide their hue
This morning I would surely see their colors overdue
Nature’s plan would once again fulfill its solemn script
Winter spring summer fall never will they slip

But this plan is a minor thing compared to one I know
Where God sent His anointed Son His love to us to show
The brilliant plan was set in time so many years ago
Now we are promised more than life here on this earth below

For God sent His begotten Son that all who would believe
Would not face eternal death but live eternally
His promise is to all of those who ask Him to be Lord
I pray this plan lives in your hear and fills your longing soul

In response to the daily prompt

Colors of my Life

Colors of the Leaves

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our life would show
All the lives we’ve touched while here on earth below
Perhaps we could turn colors as the leaves upon the trees
And flutter to the earth on the whims of gusty breeze

Each color could then show the kindness that we gave
One color could be loyalty another might be prayer
One color could be mercy and another may be grace
I wonder what my colors would in the end display

Would they be a vibrant mixture of every color known
Or would they just fall to the earth simply dead and brown
I pray that when the time is come for my life to be gone
The colors of my leaves will give joy to everyone

In response to the daily prompt