Hide Me

A short worship chorus.

Hide me in your presence
Hide me in your love
Hide me from the plot of the en-em-y
I can feel secure Lord
In the shelter of your wings
With all my heart I pray
Hide me

Here’s a rough video of how the chorus goes


Meant For God

Note to reader:  This is a very different type poem for me, but it is how I received it yesterday as I was taking my chemo infusion, watching the squirrels at the bird feeder.  It is in free verse.  The first two stanzas have 7 lines, the next two 6 lines, the next two five and so on.  I would appreciate any comments you might have.

Watching a squirrel
By his toes
Barely holding on
Trusting his grip
On the wire
Holding the bird feeder

Eating the seeds
Meant for the birds
Not for him
He doesn’t care
Whose food it us
It’s his

Reminds me
Of the thief
Who comes
To steal
Steal our lives
Not meant for him

Meant for God
Our creator
Our provider
Our protector
Our deliverer
Our Savior

We open the door
To the enemy
Allow him in
Open the door
To God
Let Him in

The enemy
Will steal
God’s blessings

Will restore
What the enemy steals

The enemy

To God