That Wand’ring Spirit

There are times that I get caught up in the battle
My enemies will come to taunt and shout
It seems my situation will defeat me
And all that taunting starts to grow my doubt

Then I hear a voice so gently come and whisper
It’s the voice of my dear Savior calling me
My son do not be troubled by the trial
It’s there to make you all that you can be

I let this trial come so you would trust me
No matter what the circumstances bring
If you will just determine to go through it
You’ll find that soon your soul will dance and sing

I’ll give you strength to hold up under pressure
I’ll give you hope to come and light the way
I’ll give you joy and peace to calm your spirit
And you will see the victory one day

I slowly heard the voice of doubt go weaker
The taunting want it’s evil way as well
The only voice I heard no was my Savior
Guiding me out of that wand’ring spell

The trouble quickly faded into nothing
As I determined I would trust His word
I knew that I had grown a little stronger
The next storm would not throw as much a curve

He gave me strength to hold up under pressure
He gave me hope to come and light the way
He gave me joy and peace to calm my spirit
I now I see the victory today

Meant For God

Note to reader:  This is a very different type poem for me, but it is how I received it yesterday as I was taking my chemo infusion, watching the squirrels at the bird feeder.  It is in free verse.  The first two stanzas have 7 lines, the next two 6 lines, the next two five and so on.  I would appreciate any comments you might have.

Watching a squirrel
By his toes
Barely holding on
Trusting his grip
On the wire
Holding the bird feeder

Eating the seeds
Meant for the birds
Not for him
He doesn’t care
Whose food it us
It’s his

Reminds me
Of the thief
Who comes
To steal
Steal our lives
Not meant for him

Meant for God
Our creator
Our provider
Our protector
Our deliverer
Our Savior

We open the door
To the enemy
Allow him in
Open the door
To God
Let Him in

The enemy
Will steal
God’s blessings

Will restore
What the enemy steals

The enemy

To God