My Desire

This poem was written with inspiration from Scott’s blog this morning.  You can read it at  THIS ADDRESS

I used to desire riches
I thought they would satisfy
And though I gathered up many
My heart had a lonely cry

I used to desire pleasures
That took all my riches away
They made me feel good for a moment
Then pay for them dearly next day

I used to desire real power
So I could feel big and alive
But pride was what then resulted
I fell flat on my face and I cried

Then I learned of someone named Jesus
Who would fill the desires of my heart
I did not believe it was possible
But I needed a brand new start

I knelt down one day at the altar
I slowly looked up to the sky
Then I cried out to Him
Asking Him to come in
That day my life changed on the fly

My desire is now for just Jesus
He is all that I want or need
He fills me with love
His joy fills my cup
And to top it all off I have peace

If your soul is longing for more
And you never are satisfied
Just cry out to Him
Asking Him to come in
And you’ll suddenly feel alive

Then Came Twenty-Four

When I was a baby
All I’d ever want
Was love, sleep, food
And a dry diaper.

When I was just 10
The things that I craved
Were adventure, junk food
And time with my friends

When I was twenty
I was all messed up
Lived on drugs, booze
Sex and little sleep

But then came twenty-four
A big change in my life
I learned of Jesus Christ
And His stunning sacrifice

Ever since that day
My desire’s been
To love Him with my all
And love my fellow man.





In response to the daily prompt Desire