No Pretending

I look around at all the people running to and fro
I cannot help but wander where they all will go
For one day soon the clouds will part above
Jesus will return and gather those who He does love

I cannot look and see which ones will go with Him that day
I cannot determine who has followed in His ways
You see there’s only one thing that will qualify us then
Only one slight difference that no one can pretend

We must have Jesus as our Lord and Savior of our lives
We must have seen out wretchedness and asked Him to forgive
We must have turned away from things displeasing in His sight
We must now walk with Him each day and follow in His light

Will you be one to rise and meet Him on that fateful day
Will you avoid the wrath of God that’s coming anyway
If you have not decided yet and given Him your heart
Make today the day that you ask Him to be Lord

In response to the daily prompt Slight