One Path

I’ve traveled many roads
While living on this earth
Some led to a party
While others had not worth

It seemed I’d often end up
On a dead end in my life
I saw many ways to turn
But never could decide

But now my life is easier
The labyrinth is gone
There is now just one path
That I want to be on

It is the straight and narrow one
That leads to heaven’s gates
Are you now walking on that path
Come now and don’t be late

For Jesus Christ will soon return
To take the saved away
There’s only one path leading there
Accept His cross today

In response to the daily prompt

You Are My Wonderful

You are my wonderful
Wonderful Savior
You are my wonderful
Wonderful Lord
You are my wonderful
Precious redeemer
You are my wonderful wonderful
Wonderful wonderful Lord

So I will lift my hands
I will lift my voice
To worship you
To worship you
And I will bow my head
In you I will rejoice
For you are wonderful
Wonderful Lord