A Cool Jacket

I once had a really cool jacket
You could turn it inside out
One day was red the next day was blue
And to guess would leave you in doubt

There are some things in life that can change
They can be turned around if you want
You can just go along and sing your sweet song
If it’s wrong you can turn it about

But once we have reached the end of our life
And our body is laid to rest
The result of our choice made on this earth
Is not reversible but it will last

So while you’re still here and reading this verse
I urge you to choose Christ today
Confess all your sin and ask Jesus in
Have no doubt He is Lord all the way

In response to the daily prompt reversibile


Grass dusted with dew
Dawn coming in view
Stars glittering bright
Moon absent from light

Birds greeting the day
Leaves falling like rain
Breeze gentle and cool
Freeze coming real soon

Marvel at His creation
Wonder that’s ever-changing
One day differs from others
All as a gift from the author

Precious each passing moment
Our job to be a witness
All who love this creation
Need to know their situation

Heaven or hell does await them
Their choice determines the outcome
Choose Christ and His wondrous mercy
Or fall to the depths of pure misery

He’ll make you a new creation
When you give Him your life without caution
Repent of your sin
Ask Jesus in
He’ll build you a mansion in heaven

Marvel at His creation
He’s made you an heir to His glory
Love, peace, joy and hope
Will fill up your home
As you tell His marvelous story


Early Saturday morning
Lightning dazzles the sky
I woke up asking one question
The word on my mind was why

Why do I love God so much
Why does He give me such choice
Why do I love to praise Him
Why did He give me a voice

The answers came rather quickly
As I penned these words today
I’d like to share with you now
And then be on my way

I love Him because of His mercy
And His wonderful grace to me
He found me when I was a sinner
Then He lovingly set me free

He gives me a choice to follow
Or stumble right back to my shame
Just to see if I really love Him
Or if I’ll just make fun of His name

I praise Him for He’s the creator
Nothing equals His majesty
I praise Him for who He is
And all He has done for me

He gave me a voice to tell others
Of my wonderful Savior above
To share with all that I meet
How they can know His great love

Now that He gave me the answers
To the why’s I was having tonight
I think I’ll go back to sleep
And pull the covers up tight