Colors Overdue

Through days and days of gentle rain the cloudy skies held close
I was wondering if the sun was hiding or if it soon would show
This morning I awoke to a clear and starry sky
And I knew the dawn was coming and the sun would then arise

The leaves were turning color but the clouds did hide their hue
This morning I would surely see their colors overdue
Nature’s plan would once again fulfill its solemn script
Winter spring summer fall never will they slip

But this plan is a minor thing compared to one I know
Where God sent His anointed Son His love to us to show
The brilliant plan was set in time so many years ago
Now we are promised more than life here on this earth below

For God sent His begotten Son that all who would believe
Would not face eternal death but live eternally
His promise is to all of those who ask Him to be Lord
I pray this plan lives in your hear and fills your longing soul

In response to the daily prompt

Colors of my Life

Colors of the Leaves

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our life would show
All the lives we’ve touched while here on earth below
Perhaps we could turn colors as the leaves upon the trees
And flutter to the earth on the whims of gusty breeze

Each color could then show the kindness that we gave
One color could be loyalty another might be prayer
One color could be mercy and another may be grace
I wonder what my colors would in the end display

Would they be a vibrant mixture of every color known
Or would they just fall to the earth simply dead and brown
I pray that when the time is come for my life to be gone
The colors of my leaves will give joy to everyone

In response to the daily prompt

When Life Seems Lost

In autumn we view many things
That make us marvel at our God
The brilliance of a lowering sun
The clouds produce a show of awe

This is a time of cooler days
When leaves in sunlight start to glow
Deciduous trees light up the air
Their yellows, reds and oranges show

Then these brilliant leaves do fall
Adorning all the earth and sod
The trees lay bare but still raise high
Their branches lifting praise to God

We’d learn a lot to take their cue
To lift our eyes when life seems lost
For even though the winter comes
Spring will soon be greeting us

In response to the daily prompt

One Thing Remains

In all the world I cannot find
A match for what God leaves behind
Each day He comes and illustrates
His love for us in different ways

Today in might be flowers bloomed
Whose end with frost is marked with doom
And then there are majestic clouds
That come and go as lightning shouts

The grass is green for many days
Then it turns brown like chopped up hay
The leaves turn colors beautiful
Before they fall and lose their hue

All these things God leaves behind
But one thing still remains through time
The brilliance of a new sunrise
The palette of a sunset shines

We just go on our merry way
And take for granted all He gave
From natures wonder on display
To Calvary’s cross and a borrowed grave

He gave His all to show His love
He came to die from heaven above
Today I hope you realize
The love He has for you

In response to the daily prompt


I remember days from long ago when life was but a high
We traveled in my little car across the countryside
There was no destination as we went on this long ride
We just enjoyed the scenery especially in fall

New England is a gorgeous place when autumn comes about
The leaves turn brilliant colors that always gave my heart a shout
Whenever autumn comes each year I look with suspect doubt
That the colors here in Iowa are redolent at all

God’s canvas is a mighty thing each day I look around
From sunrises to sunsets He fails not to astound
But in the autumn colors I’m set on higher ground
Their brilliance in New England makes me homesick every fall