Softly Prayed

I came before the Lord today
Bowed my head and softly prayed
That this day He would make a way
For all those who are lost

I brought the sick before His throne
Asked my Lord to make them whole
That they’d make Him their very own
Because He paid the cost

I brought the troubled do His feet
Requested that he give them peace
That this night they would get some sleep
While resting in His grace

The doubters were the next in line
I asked that each would take some time
To watch the stars and see them shine
Your glory they will face

I brought the lame and maimed and poor
All those whom I have prayed before
Please show them you are still their Lord
And heal them every one

I brought my church that we would know
That you are working way below
We just need to walk real slow
So we can see your plan

Even though our eyes can’t see
What you are doing inside each
One day we’ll see your majesty
We’ll grow throughout the land

I finished up my prayer at last
Then realized much time had passed
I know you will answer fast
Because you love us so

Answers Today


What is it you need?
What requests have you made?
What trials loom big?
What troubles your day?

What escape do you need?
What words have you prayed?
What blocks out your joy?
What stands in your way?

Just take it to God
Don’t insist on your way
If you’ll trust in Him
He’ll answer today


In response to the daily prompt Insist

I Call Him

In the night I call Him
Jesus hear my prayer
Help me know the plans you have for me
In the night He answers
Child I’m calling you
I will guide you where you need to be

At the dawn I call Him
Jesus hear my plea
I need strength to make it through the day
At the dawn He answers
Child I’m here with you
Leading you along the narrow way

There He is
Day and night
Dawn and eve
Dark or light
Watching me
Guiding me
Hearing me
Loving me

At the noon I call Him
Jesus hear my cry
Give my friends and family your love
At the noon He answers
Child I’m pleased with you
You have prayed for all that I’m enough

At the eve I call Him
Jesus help us all
Turn to you with every single need
In the eve He answers
Child I’ll grant your plea
I will listen when they call to me

There He is
Day and night
Dawn and eve
Dark or light
Watching me
Guiding me
Hearing me
Loving me

There He is
By my side
Helping me
To survive

The Humble Heart

I saw the angels gather
By the throne of God
Before the sun had dawned one cloudy day
I strained to hear them talking
And then the angels said
Lord, how can we go bless someone today

God smiled and nodded slowly
That question pleased Him so
He rose up from His throne and all got still
His voice then filled the heaven’s
I could hear the words He said
I’ll write them here so you can know His will

Bring peace to those that fear
Bring joy to those that weep
Bring hope to all who think their life is bleak
Bring healing to the sick
Deliverance to the bound
Bring strength to all who tremble and are weak

Give sight to all the blind
Give hearing to the deaf
Give words to those whose tongues have never talked
Wisdom to the seekers
Knowledge to the teachers
Give strength to all the lame who’ve never walked

The angels listened closely
As the master spoke these words
They sang hallelujah when He sat back down
Then one spoke up for all of them
Lord we gladly will do all
Just tell us which ones need which blessing now

God leaned over to the angels
I will not forget His words
Just listen to their prayers was His reply
Give ear to intercessors
As they lift up their requests
Fulfill the cries of those with humble hearts

The angels then retreated
They headed down to earth
One question filled my heart and mind day
When I lift up my voice
In petition to the Lord
Is it with a humble heart that I pray

Morning Prayer

Prepare me for the battles that come my way today
Keep my mind stayed on you and well above the fray
Let my spirit be uplifted as in your sweet grace I stay
Jesus thank you for this day

Touch those people on my prayer list with your love today
Bring healing to their bodies and strength to those who wait
Help them see the answer to the needs for which they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

Our government needs you Lord for wisdom on this day
Help them follow in the right and Godly way
A new spirit of unity us needed Lord I pray
Jesus thank you for this day

My family needs you desperately in oh so many ways
Give strength to my sweet wife as she goes throughout this day
A touch to all three daughters that you’ll answer when they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

My pastor needs your wisdom to bring the word today
I ask you send your spirit and give him words to say
Bless our church and people and hear them as they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

Now Lord I lift my heart to you and offer up my praise
I worship you with all my soul and thank you for your grace
Your mercy is around me and you hear the words I pray
Jesus thank you for this day

I now arise to greet this awesome day
My feet hit the floor and I am on my way
I know you have heard every word I pray
Jesus thank you for this day¬¬