Return to Jesus

i was raised on Jesus
The church a second home
Throughout my high school years
i hardly ever roamed

I then got into crowds
That drew me far away
And i became a rebel
To sin I deeply strayed

But Jesus kept on calling
Throughout those rebel years
Til finally I returned to Him
And shedded many tears

He never will give up on us
He always wants pur hearts
If you have fallen far away
I pray that you’ll restart

Restart your trust in Jesus
He’s always by your side
Restart your trip to heaven
With Him you will abide

In response to the daily prompt Rebel

He Watches Over Me

As I lay down and try to sleep 

My eyes well up as tears they weep

I have no doubt my soul He keeps

He watches over me
I try to write the words I hear

Within my heart not through my ear

His words come softly but so clear

He watches over me
I see His face like in a dream 

He is so close He breathes on me

I know He’s there so real it seems

He watches over me 
This reassurance calms my mind

I know His love is surely mine

Now I can sleep sound and sublime

He watches over me 
When I awake in morning time 

To watch the sunrise slowly climb 

I’ll know without a doubt in mind 

He watches over me