Monthly Archives: January 2019

I Listen

I wait for thee
In the morning
Before dawning
Stars aglow
Snow below
Air is cold
Wind is bold
I listen

Heart for you
Thoughts anew
Your voice I hear
In my ear
You speak to me
These words of life
And sacrifice
I listen

Thank you Lord
For your words
For these psalms
That bring calm
You speak to me
Words that seek
To set us free
That we might be
Found in thee
Help me Lord
To listen


Way Beyond Compare

I was sitting here just thinking
Of what Christ has done for me
How He came down from His throne
Just to give me victory
He gave up His life to save me
Took a beating near to death
Then nails into His hands and feet
And a spear into His chest

I was thinking of His majesty
That he gave it up for me
When He laid there in a manger
And shepherds came to see
He didn’t have to come down
He could have stayed in heaven
But he loved us all so much
That He died for our redemption

Oh what great compassion
Jesus has for you and me
I have to lift my voice up high
And praise His majesty
Praise His love and mercy
Praise His wondrous grace
Praise Him with a loud voice
Lift His glorious name

Hosanna to my Jesus
Hallelujah to my King
He is ruler of the heavens
That is why I sing
He has amazing love
For you and I to share
This life I have with Jesus
Is way beyond compare

Your Love is More

Your love is more amazing then the heavens filled with stars
Your love is more spectacular than Jupiter or Mars
Your love is more extraordinary than a precious pearl
Your love is more than anything found in this old world

Your love is more astounding than thunder in the sky
Your love is more magnificent than lightning in the night
Your love is more fantastic than a brand new shiny car
Your love is more wonderful than sunsets seen afar

Jesus I don’t understand why you love me so
Yet you just keep on giving me this love down in my soul
Even when I mess up and think I’ve lost my way
You just keep forgiving me and cover me with grace

Jesus hold me closely and never let me go
Help me find a way to return to you this love
Keep me on the narrow path so one day I may be
Sitting at your throne above for all eternity


Praise & Worship

All of His Love for Me

All that I hear about Jesus
All that I read about Jesus
All that I know about Jesus
Is that He loves me
He loves me

All that I’ve lived through
All that I’ve learned through
All that I’ve loved through
Shows me He loves me
He loves me

All that matters
All that gives life
All that satisfies
All that helps me survive
All that keeps me alive
All of His love for me
All of His love for me

All that life brings me
All that my eyes see
All that my life needs
Comes from His love
He loves me

Nothing else matters but His love
All of His love for me
All of His love for me
Nothing else matters but His love
All of His love for me
All of His love for me

The King is Coming

The King is coming
He is coming soon
He will ride a white horse
His raiment will be dipped in blood
The blood that was shed a Calvary
The blood that washed away our sins
And made us white as snow

The King is coming
He is faithful and true
His name is the Word of God
His eyes are ablaze with fire
He wears many crowns
His army is with Him
The army of the saints

The King is coming
The Lamb that was slain
The Lamb of God who is worshipped in heaven
Worshipped by four and twenty elders
Cherubim and Seraphim fly around His throne
They praise Him continually
Singing Holy, holy, holy
Honor and glory and blessing and power
To the Lamb upon the throne

The King is coming
He is coming for His own
He is coming for the born again
For those who have repented of their sins
For those who have asked His forgiveness
For those who believe He died for them
For those who believe that he rose again

The King is coming
Is He coming for you?
Will you be with Him in Heaven
Or will you be cast into the lake of fire
Will you spend eternity with Him
Or eternity in regret and suffering
Make Jesus Lord today
And eternity in heaven is yours

Trust in God

I Will Trust You

When times get hard
And I see no end
To the test I’m in
I will trust you

When joy is gone
And my sorrow grows
It is then I know
I will trust you

When my health is poor
And I feel so sick
My heart faints within
I will trust you

When my finances
Are so steeped with debt
I can’t seem to win
I will trust you

When I stand for you
And my friends are gone
When I’m all alone
I will trust you

You have always been there
Always cared
Always done what’s best for me
Even when I cannot see
Your grace always wins
Your love just begins
To ease my suffering
It is then I know
I can trust you