What is Life?

What is life
Why are we here on this earth
An earth filled with strife
An earth filled with fear

What should we do
With this life we’ve been given
With all we’ve been through
While we’ve been living

I cannot answer for you my friend
But I know the answer I found
The definition of why I am here
Is to tell of my Saviors love

When I was lost He called to me
He loved me even in my lost estate
He died on a cross a long time ago
That from my despair I could escape

My life is now centered on Him
I must tell you all that He died for you
There’s no one that He cannot save from their sin
Won’t you accept His great love for you

Cry out to Jesus forgive me my Lord
I give you my sin please save me today
He’ll gather you up in His loving arms
You’ll be His child for all of your days

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/your-daily-word-prompt-definition-august-31st-2018/

A Blessing

Be blessed this day my friend
From dawn until the night
May God define your path
May love bring you delight
May joy be yours abundant
May peace make all things bright
Be blessed this day my friend
May Jesus be your light

Be blessed this day my friend
With every step you take
Find mercy all around you
Give mercy that’s not fake
Walk closely with your brother
Fill up their life with grace
Be blessed this day my friend
Show others Jesus’s face

Be blessed this day my friend
May hope be yours today
A hope that’s everlasting
A hope that will not fade
May every moment highlight
The depth of your true faith
Be blessed this day my friend
Walk in God’s holy way

Be blessed this day my friend
Fill up your heart with praise
Sing glory hallelujah
To Jesus’s precious name
Lift up your hands in worship
Let your voice be upraised
Be blessed this day my friend
This blessing’s yours today..


I’ve had a change of lifestyle

Through the last 40 years
I’ve walked through hills and valleys

I’ve shed a lot of tears

My life before was earthly
Filled with drugs and drink
My mind was in the gutter
My tongue spewed only stink
But then I met my Savior
He washed my sins away
He’s changed my life completely
Now mercy fills my days
There’s still vestigial sins
That haunt my tongue and mind
Every day I ask the Lord
To free me from my pride
For pride us what will keep me
From giving all to Him
When I control this heart of mine

The Plight

I looked into the night
Oh what a plight
Full of fright it was without light
The alley cats and rabid bats
Were everywhere and they did stare
And try to scare
So I would run away
But then it seemed it was a dream
I tried to scream
But sat upright in the night with no light
And saw myself
Like an elf on the shelf
Knowing all was well
And of this spell I would not tell
Because I know
The dream is so unreal to show
To someone else
Who would not understand
Then I realized
That I was wise and I surmised
I would not die
I would not cry
For my Savior is by my side
He calms my fears
Dries my tears and fills my ears
With His voice
So I rejoice and make my choice
Not to go where there’s no light
Not to give into the plight
But to walk in His light
Out of the night
Into His arms where He keeps me calm
And all is well


I had a problem yesterday

The Daily Prompt led me astray
I thought it was procrastinate

Turned out it was prognosticate

Today fugacios will take center stage
This word is foreign to my mind
I had to look it up this time
If i am right with what i find
This poem wiil slowly fade
Fade away
Into the day

in response to the Daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/29/your-daily-word-prompt-fugacious-august-29th-2018

Routine Daily


My puppy likes to sniff around
At everything that’s on the ground
His head will turn at every sound
While I await his duty

When he is done we come inside
His food is where it does not hide
He doesn’t always take a bite
It’s only there for thirty

I hope he learns real soon his fate
That he cannot procrastinate
A hungry day comes if he’s late
If he does not eat quickly

I find some things the same for me
My morning time gets real busy
Before I know it I will be
Into my routine daily

So early on I take the time
To get into God’s word divine
It gives me life and sets my mind
To get me through the day

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/28/your-daily-word-prompt-prognosticate-august-28th-2018/

Holy Are His Ways

My God is glorious
He is clothed in majesty
And He is glorious

My God is powerful
He is seated on the throne
And He is powerful

Holy is His name
Holy are His ways
Holy is the Lord
Holy holy

My God is wonderful
He has given us His Son
And He is wonderful

Holy is His name
Holy are His ways
Holy is the Lord
Holy holy

Glorious powerful wonderful
Glorious powerful wonderful
Glorious powerful wonderful
Is our God

Holy is His name
Holy are His ways
Holy is the Lord
Holy holy

My Friend

He dries my eyes when sorrow brings a tear
He calms my heart when I am full of fear
He lends an ear for each and every prayer
His name is Jesus what a friend

He speaks to me when I feel all alone
He shows the way when I begin to roam
He hears my cry when I am far from home
His name is Jesus what a friend

He’s such a friend to me
He meets my every need
He’s by my side
He never hides
My friend He’ll always be

He brings a smile to my face each day
He holds His hand out showing me the way
He always knows the right words he should say
His name is Jesus what a friend

In my darkest times He never leaves me
When my hope is gone He will assure me
Of I go astray He’s sure to find me
He’s just that kind of friend
He’s just that kind of friend

He’s such a friend to me
He meets my every need
He’s by my side
He never hides
My friend He’ll always be

Writing the Words

I am so thankful I found this place
Where writers write words every day
I read when I can and make comments
As I scroll down through each page

There really is no opposition
Only friends who are willing to share
I would say out interrelationship
Is a group that really cares

We care about being uplifting
When we give one another our praise
I enjoy every word that is written
As a comment on words that I say

This simple poem is my way
To say thanks to all of you
For reading each day that you can
And writing the words that you do


In response to the daily prompts https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/your-daily-word-prompt-interrelationship-august-27th-2018/

in response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/your-daily-word-prompt-opposition-august-26th-2018/

Beauty On Display

I love to see a rainbow
Draped across the sky
It’s beauty overwhelms me
It’s colors fill my eye

I love to see the colors
That sunset brings each day
I dare not miss a moment
As colors often change

It always fascinates me
To think about the fact
That white light is all colors
While crayons mixed turn black

The first thing God created
Was Light with all it’s hues
Monochromatic boredom
Has never been God’s view

He wanted us to enjoy
The beauty that He made
So Light became all colors
Their beauty on display


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/your-daily-word-prompt-monochromatic-august-25th-2018/